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Art of Seduction Boudoir is an all-female boutique boudoir studio with two locations, in near downtown Chicago, I and in North Austin, TX by The Domain.

Great boudoir photography requires bringing together key different professional talents to serve our clients with a great experience and high quality final boudoir albums and images. Meet the talented women that will be serving you to create your classy and tasteful boudoir photos.


Argentina Leyva


Lead Photographer

Women's Coach

Eliana Leyva


Production Manager and Digital Artist

Selma Sosa


Lead Makeup Artist


Kacey Surges


Lead Makeup Artist



There is a lot involved in getting the final images in your hands that when you look at them you are wowed and can't believe is you. Here are the different high-standard elements that our team of female professionals brings together at your boudoir session day and beyond in order to successfully deliver the highest quality boudoir photography you can possibly ask for.

Professional hair and makeup for your boudoir shoot is key to bring out your best features. Our makeup artist have more than 5 years experience and do professional hair and makeup full time. They have experience on all skin types, ages and hair textures to get you ready for your boudoir shoot. Selma Sosa is our lead makeup artist in our Austin Studio and Kacey Surges is your lead makeup artist in our Chicago Studio.

Lingerie that enhances your assets, provides support, shapes your body and dissimulates imperfections. Most women do not have a model's body and will need lingerie and accessories to shape and provide support to their bodies. You will be provided with a lingerie guide to help you shop for the best lingerie for your body type.

Careful posing and directing to make your body look its best and achieve the best facial expressions that look natural. Knowing how to pose a woman's body, the one that has gone through birth, body weight changes, aging or life events that produced scaring or a handicap, is not easy to photograph. With over 3000 women of all ages and body types photographed the past 15 years, I can honestly say, there is nothing I can't handle. My commitment to each one of my clients is to shoot for as long as I feel necessary in order to produce so many images to love that the hardest part of her boudoir experience will be making the final selection for her album.

When it comes to boudoir photography that makes women look almost flawless without any digital enhancement, nothing beats natural light. For this reason, both of my studios have been designed to become "white boxes" to welcome and soften natural light to create creamy skin tones and naturally dissimulate skin imperfections.

Boudoir photography is NOT about photoshopping you and create an alternate reality of what you look like. Boudoir photography is about showing your beauty at its best, in a natural way.  The purpose of artistic digital enhancement of images is to clean up distractions and polish the images in a way that they still look like you. 

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