If you’ve ever experienced family or friends dismissing your dreams, then you’ll be inspired by the client story I’m sharing with you today.

Meet my client Chavon and learn how her boudoir photoshoot reconnected her to a dream she had as a young girl.

As a young girl, I was very involved in extracurriculars, a member of the dance team and the honors choir. I excelled in school and was a part of the prestigious future Business Leaders of America program. As much as I loved being involved in all of those groups, my real dream was to be a model.

My mother was never supportive of this dream. She always told me I needed to lose weight or clear up my face before anyone from the modelling world would be interested in me. I never fully let go of my dream, but living in a small town in Missouri and being told I was too fat to model, meant I started to keep that dream to myself.”

I eventually married my second husband and we had two beautiful children adding to my previous two. After I had my last child, Lillian, I experienced postpartum depression for the first time. Lillian had some health issues after she was born and as a woman and mother, I was really struggling. I blamed myself for Lillian’s health issues. I blamed myself for being overweight. I felt like something was wrong with me.

My husband used to tell me I wasn’t going anywhere, I wasn’t doing anything. I felt like the more I tried to appeal to my husband, the more he would reject me. I felt so unwanted by him. I lost my sense of self-worth in the process of being a wife and mother and I think that the whole time I was expecting someone else to give it to me. I hit a point where I gave up. I accepted that this is just going to be my life.

While I was still experiencing postpartum depression I was talking to a friend of mine. I just started crying on the phone. That cry was like a release and a wake-up call for me. I knew I needed to take better care of myself. I started to see how I had put my needs on the back burner and how I was relying on other people to give me my self-worth. I also noticed there was a lot going on in my marriage that I was turning a blind eye to.

I thought back to that little girl and her dream of being a model and decided to book a boudoir photo shoot. It would be a step in reclaiming my self-worth. 

Leading up to my photoshoot my relationship with my husband continued to get worse until I worked up the courage to tell him I wanted a divorce. When I finally said that out loud it felt like a two-ton weight lifted off my shoulders. I thought about cancelling my photoshoot because of the divorce and the fact that I didn’t feel I was beautiful enough.

On the day of my photoshoot with Argentina, I was nervous as HELL! Thoughts like “god, what made me think I can do this?”, were racing through my mind. When I arrived at the studio I told the makeup artist that I wanted to be unrecognizable. I wanted to unleash a side of me that I’d never seen before, become my alter ego kind of like Beyonce’s Sasha Fierce. 

As the shoot went on my nerves began to fade and I noticed how happy I was, the happiest I’d felt in a long time. I felt like a different person and I really started to own that you’re right I am beautiful.


When I got to see the first photo from my shoot, my jaw dropped in amazement. I was in shock, the pictures came out phenomenal. That moment was the ultimate turning point for me to really say that I can do whatever it is that I want to, and I don’t need anybody’s beliefs or approvals to change that about me. That’s where my self-worth came from seeing those pictures and just knowing that I was able to do it. I was able to pull it off. The photos helped me to show that, okay, I still got a little weight on me, but I’m still sexy, I can still rock that. It helped me open my eyes and see so much of myself. 

After my shoot, I couldn’t contain my excitement and posted a photo on social media. The comments on the photo blew up. It took me a bit to get used to the attention and compliments. It gave me an opportunity to practice accepting compliments from people instead of dismissing them or thinking they were lying to me. 

The photoshoot helped me become more accepting of a lot more of myself than I have been in years. The negativity that I used to hear, the rejections I used to get, all of that just kind of went out the window.

My boyfriend who has been standing by me in words that I can’t even explain when he saw me for that photoshoot, was just like, “babe, I can’t wait to get to those photos”, he’s still asking me where the pictures are. 

When I think back to the photoshoot, it still gives me a boost of confidence. It makes me want to have more amazing days like that one and has put me in that frame of mind of “what if?” and opening up to possibilities. When I look at my photos, I see a beautiful woman who stood on her own two feet and I did it alone.

Ever since that photoshoot, the thought of being a model has stayed in my head. It made me realize if I can do a boudoir shoot, then why can’t I take it a step further.

As crazy as it is to be turning 40 and saying I still want to be a model, it’s still my dream and I’m not giving up on it.


I think we can all take some inspiration from Chavon’s story and remember it’s NEVER too late to make your dreams REAL.

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