“I did this for myself…. to encourage myself that I am beautiful and to build my self-esteem a little. This was a life-changing experience.” 


That’s what beautiful Migna, a recent boudoir client said when I asked her why she wanted to do a boudoir photoshoot.


Click here to see Migna’s reaction to receiving her photo album and here what her boudoir photoshoot experience was like



Afterwards, when I asked Migna what the scariest part of the whole experience was she said “the scariest part was worrying was how I was going to look”.


Migna is not alone. This is a common fear that almost every single one of the 3,000 women who has walked into my studio has also felt. I know when I had my first boudoir photoshoot I was worried about the exact same thing.


Whether you can relate to Migna and want to do a boudoir photoshoot to remind yourself of how beautiful you are or you want your photoshoot to be part of healing your relationship with your body and sense of self-worth…..boudoir is a powerful catalyst for helping women feel more confident and changing the way they see and think about themselves and their bodies.


This is why my approach to boudoir photography is like no other….


I don’t want the fear of worrying how you’ll look or having to pay for images you don’t like stop you from experiencing your very own boudoir photoshoot. I know how vulnerable this experience is for many women and this is why I’m inviting you to click here to receive an information package on my COMPLIMENTARY confidence-boosting boudoir photoshoots.


Why do I offer COMPLIMENTARY Boudoir Photoshoots?

I know how scary it can be to invest in a photoshoot and worry about whether or not you’ll like your images. I offer women an incredible custom photoshoot, I even pay for their hair and makeup to be professionally done. Afterwards, you’ll get to review your images and you only pay for the images that you are absolutely in love with! If for whatever reason you don’t like your images, you can walk away with no obligation to buy any.

After photographing over 3000 women in the last decade, I can say without a doubt….this experience changes the way you feel about your body and your whole self.


Step into this next season of your life by celebrating the incredible woman that you are and the woman you are BECOMING. Learn more about my complimentary boudoir photoshoots taking place in Chicago and Austin, Texas.