“I was inspired to do a boudoir photoshoot as an act of love for myself. I wanted to feel sexy and being a big girl, I wanted to show and feel the beauty I have within. I had read a story of another woman’s boudoir photoshoot and I was really curious what this experience would give me.” 

That’s what beautiful Migna, a recent boudoir client said when I asked her why she wanted to do a boudoir photoshoot.

Keep reading to find out how Migna’s body image affected her from a young age and how she’s feeling since her boudoir photoshoot 

Migna’s Story 

Since the age of 11, I’ve been focused on my weight and body image.  I had a stepdad that would not feed me, so I would look a certain way. When my mom died, I ate and gained a lot of weight, thinking no one can look at my body if I weighed this much. I always thought I was a fat girl. I didn’t feel good about my body at all. I covered myself from the world.

I was once told “why let the hurt of your past continue to hurt you?” and that inspired me to start loving myself and my body. This perspective changed the way I took care of myself and I ended up losing over 60 pounds. I went from a size 20 to 16 and I am now down to a size 12.

Before my boudoir photoshoot, I was feeling very nervous about how I would look in my photos. I worried about whether I’d look “fat and ugly”. I decided to stop this negative way of thinking and told myself “I am beautiful, I’ve got this”.

When I looked at my images for the first time I felt very very sexy and cried. I cried because I saw the woman I’ve become. I’m a Goddess and very beautiful. I felt bold and amazed by what I saw, telling my soul “WOW MIGNA, you did a great job”. 

This experience gave me a new outlook and helped me see that I was not just some fat, ugly woman, but that I’ve grown and that I’m a piece of art, a beautiful being. I not only can say that with confidence now, but I can feel it and see it in myself. 

When I look at my boudoir photographs I think to myself “I am bold, sexy and beautiful. May all those who see these pictures, feel the enlightenment of self-love and be encouraged to feel that experience for themselves. I LOVE ME AND I AM WORTH IT.”


Click here to see Migna’s reaction to receiving her photo album

Since the photoshoot, I’ve continued to work on myself and promised myself I will do another shoot once I hit my goal. I feel so good in my own skin and I walk with my head held high. I smile and look at myself every day in the mirror and say “you’re an amazing beautiful queen”. 

Whenever I share my photos I proudly call myself “eye candy”. The photoshoot gave me more reasons to love myself and helped me feel sexy and beautiful in my own eyes. 

If I were to share one message with other women who are on a journey of loving themselves and their bodies, I’d invite them to practice saying this to themselves every day: 

‘I am powerful but I can be weak. I am beautiful but I can feel ugly. I may laugh but I can be serious. I am joyful but I can feel sad. I am love but I can be hurt. Take me for whom I am and don’t try to change me. I am a warrior. I am a Queen still standing, fighting and trying to be the best me. I can’t open new doors with old keys. Smile to change the world, but don’t let the world take your smile away.’



Thank you Migna for sharing your story + inspiring words of wisdom!



Whether you can relate to Migna and want to do a boudoir photoshoot to remind yourself of how beautiful you are or you want your photoshoot to be part of healing your relationship with your body and sense of self-worth…..boudoir is a powerful catalyst for helping women feel more confident and changing the way they see and think about themselves and their bodies.

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After photographing over 3000 women in the last decade, I can say without a doubt….this experience changes the way you feel about your body and your whole self.

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