3 exercises to help middle-aged women live more CONFIDENTLY in 2021 and beyond 

As we wind down 2020, I thought I’d walk you through a few of my favorite end of the year exercises to help you fire up your IMAGINATION with possibilities….so you can get ready to live more boldly, confidently and authentically in 2021.


👑#1 Start by acknowledging yourself
Often we get so focused on growth, we can forget about all the progress we’ve made and the ways we’ve healed, so don’t skip over this step and give yourself some much-deserved praise!!!

Get ready to catch the microphone AND finish this sentence…

“I am proud of myself because….”.

👑#2 Spark that imagination
Grab your journal and a pen, read through each question and then close your eyes and imagine. 

Write down what came to your mind and anything else these questions spark.

Imagine it’s December 4, 2021…..
What kind of woman are you?
What does your life look like?
How do you feel?
What have you accomplished?
What are you proud of?

👑#3 Create your BOLD vision board
You can do this on paper or digitally by collecting images on Pinterest.

—> Go through your journal and circle the feelings, experiences, and things you want more of next year 

—->  Brainstorm + visualize your future self (REMEMBER exercise #2 from above)…how do you want to feel…what kind of woman do you want to be?…what do you want to have in your life?

—-> Using your journal and brainstorming notes, gather magazines and print off photos that represent your 2021 vision 

👑#4 Make your vision a REALITY 

  • Look at your vision board and the kind of woman you want to be and take small actions daily!
  • Check-in with your vision board anytime you get a request. It’s okay to say NO and prioritize yourself and your goals. 
  • Ask yourself, “what kind of woman do you need to be to make your vision board a reality?”

I hope these exercises help you use your imagination to craft a BOLD vision for the next level of yourself and your life.

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