You might be surprised by my answer to this question..

What is your proudest accomplishment?

My answer….

Learning to love myself.

It was a JOURNEY.

I had to learn how to feel worthy regardless of my body size and relationship status.

I had to learn how to heal my patterns of self-sabatoge, shame and the habits that kept me feeling unloveable.

I had to shift the way I saw myself and my body.

I had to learn how to love spending time with myself and being single.

So many learnings, but I am so grateful for the loving way I take care of and talk to myself now. It’s not perfect, but it doesn’t matter…because I know who I am and I love that woman unconditionally.

What does self-love look and feel like exactly?

Here’s how I define self-love….

Self-love is having the courage to take charge of your healing. Self-love is creating a life you desire and not settling for anything less.

Self-love is facing all the events in your life with open arms knowing that they happen FOR YOU.

Self-love is choosing compassion over shaming or blaming yourself for past mistakes.

Self-love is coming to the end of each day and saying to yourself “I’m so proud of myself. I did the best I could and tomorrow I’ll show up and give it my best shot too.” Self-love is being present in each moment.

Self-love is the conviction that you are GOOD ENOUGH. Self-love is owning the power you have to create your reality and inspire other women to do the same!

Want to expand your capacity to love yourself and your body?

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