Self-Talk Liberation Practice for Mature Women

Last week I shared the story of my post-divorce journal writing spree where I proceeded to tear the pages out and burn them. This week I’m coming at you with an exercise inspired by my own experience that’ll help you become aware of your self-talk.

Don’t worry it doesn’t involve setting anything on fire, it’s simple to do and can be completed in under 20 minutes (10 if you’re a REALLY fast writer).

When we become aware of the thoughts we have about ourselves we can begin to see and understand how these thoughts impact how we feel about ourselves and our bodies. 

And when we do that we can begin to choose thoughts we want to intentionally practice to support us in feeling the way we desire to feel.

So if you’re ready to practice a more loving and compassionate way of talking to yourself, grab your pen and notebook and let’s DO THIS….

Step #1:
Make a table with two columns on a piece of paper or in your notebook/journal.
On the left column write the title “Negative self-talk” and on the right column write the title “Positive self-talk”

Step #2
In the negative self-talk column write all the negative/unhelpful thoughts that you have about yourself, your body or your life as a whole. 

As you write these thoughts out, be gentle with yourself, pause and take as many breaths as you need and do your best not to judge the thoughts you’ve written out.

Step #3
Next, in the right column, across from each negative/unhelpful belief, write the opposite thought OR an intentional/positive thought that you want to practice and believe.

For example:

Unhelpful/Negative Thought: I am unattractive

Intentional/Positive Thought: I am beautiful just the way I am

Unhelpful/Negative Thought: I feel like a failure at work

Intentional/Positive Thought: I am learning each day and I feel successful

The key here is to choose thoughts that feel like your own words and thoughts that you want to believe about yourself.

Step #4
Once you’ve made your list, ask yourself “what actions do I need to take to have this belief?”

For the thought “I am learning each day and I feel successful”, your action could be to create a goal related to your career so that you can develop a new skill or build your knowledge.

For the thought “I am beautiful just the way I am”, the action could be to look in the mirror each morning and compliment yourself on one thing that you feel is beautiful about yourself. 

I hope you give this practice a try, even if you only begin with writing out a few thoughts, you’ll instantly know how you can talk more compassionately and loving to yourself.


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