Why trust and confidence are more important than time and money when it comes to creating a meaningful next chapter in life

As women like you and me approach our 40’s, 50’s and beyond we realize….we don’t have to settle and spend the next 30 plus years feeling unfulfilled, full of regret, or thinking it’s too late.

We get to reinvent ourselves, we get to realize our dreams, go after our goals, start that business, find a loving partner, travel the world, and most importantly….. we get to call the shots and create a meaningful next chapter in life.

And while all of these choices and possibilities are exciting, you might also be feeling stuck, totally confused and overwhelmed about how you’re actually going to make it happen.

When it comes to going after those goals and creating a next meaningful chapter in life…it’s ESSENTIAL that we practice and own these TWO strengths…


The #REAL reason why you’re not going after your goals: launching that business, taking that dream vacation through Europe, starting the non-profit, or attracting the kind of men you want…

….Isn’t because you’re not good enough or not smart enough…

You and I both know that you’re a brilliant, worthy, and frankly BADASS woman.

The #REAL reason is that you need to boost your confidence and practice TRUSTING yourself.

I find that sometimes women are surprised by this. They think money or time would solve all their problems.

And while money and time can change your life in certain ways, I’m willing to bet that even if you had more money and time right now, you’d still be feeling full of self-doubt and fear.

When we’re confident in who we are, own our worthiness and trust ourselves……it has a ripple effect into EVERY area of our lives….

Self-Confidence is taking your power back and not leaving your destiny in the hands of others. Self-Confidence is creating a life you desire and not settling for anything less.

Self-Trust is facing all the events in your life with open arms knowing that they happen FOR YOU. 

Self-Trust is realizing that each time you made a decision or took action, you did the best you could with what you had and knew. Confidence is being relentless in your search for what makes you happy and owning it completely.

Self-Confidence is coming to the end of each day and saying to yourself “I’m so proud of myself. I did the best I could and tomorrow I’ll show up and give it my best shot too.” 

Self-trust is the conviction that you are GOOD ENOUGH. Confidence is owning the power you have to create your reality and inspire other women to do the same!

The good news…. You can begin to feel more confident and build trust with yourself by implementing this simple practice into your daily routine:

Give this practice and try and watch how your self-trust and confidence grows each time you listen to and honor your needs.

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