I am starting a new series of interviews with experts in areas that can help us, women, become more confident and empowered in our lives. In my first interview, I had the honor to interview Ph. D. author and speaker Sarah Brown.

Dr. Brown focused on speaking, training and writing on topics related to self-awareness, self-coaching, and success habits that enable professional women to be happy, successful, and understood at work.

She has written or co-written 3 books, 2 of which are best sellers and a customized book (which she will tell us about) called the Book of You®. She is a two-time TEDx speaker.

She work predominantly with mid-career professional women who are stuck in their careers.  I help them get unstuck and moving in a direction that will bring them joy and success. During her our career as a manager, she kept bumping into mid-career women who were obviously in the wrong job. These women were miserable, but when she would ask them what they wanted, they could not answer the question.  When she retired, she  set out to find tools to help women answer that question for themselves.

Here is my interview with Dr. Brown. You can get in contact with her through her website www.bookofyou.com