So many years at the top of my profession have left me privileged to witness the incredible changes boudoir has on the lives on my clients, but it’s not for everyone. Not sure whether boudoir’s right for you? Here are my top ten reasons why you shouldn’t do a boudoir photo shoot.

1. Don’t do a boudoir session for someone else.

Never do a session as a gift your boyfriend – unless he’s going to be putting a ring on it. Guys who aren’t committed can feel the pressure with this type of gift and it’s embarrassing to return the images if you break up. If you’re not sure of your partner’s long-term intentions, do a boudoir shoot just for you – share your beautiful images with him, but hold onto them yourself.

2. Don’t use boudoir as revenge!

When a relationship breaks up we can do all sorts of things to get over the flood of emotions we feel, and boudoir is a great way to build your self-confidence back up – but never do a session to post images on line to get back at your ex. You’ll only regret it and once online, you never know where the images will end up.

3. Don’t use boudoir to beat yourself up

Most women have body issues and choose to do a boudoir session to boost their self-esteem – and I love seeing my clients’ confidence grow! But please, do not book a boudoir session unless you’re using it to embrace your body and learn to love your unique type of beauty. Doing a boudoir session to point out at all your body defects, cellulite, and your back fat is not a healthy thing to do.

4. Don’t do boudoir if getting a cheap deal is your main aim

Great boudoir photography takes skill and training. Sometimes a high price tag is worth every penny – and boudoir is one of those times. You’re trusting the photographer with your self-esteem, so don’t do a boudoir session just because you found a cheap deal or a cheap photographer. The last thing you need is to see intimate photographs of yourself looking awkward, showing your “body imperfections” or looking older than you are. This is the worse you can do for your self-esteem and the damage might be irreversible.

5. Don’t do boudoir if you’re not going to commit to the whole process

Like most things in life, with boudoir you get out what you put in. To get the best images requires time spent researching photographers, READ 5 TIPS TO FIND THE RIGHT BOUDOIR STUDIO, shopping for outfits that are perfect for your body type and preparing your body so your skin is glowing and you’re flexible enough to get into every type of boudoir pose. You wouldn’t run a marathon without any training, so why do boudoir without the preparation? You also need to be committed to purchasing your images – it’s not ethical to waste a photographer’s time just to see how you look in your photographs or to find something to do on a rainy afternoon.

6. Don’t do boudoir if you’re not ready for your life to change

Boudoir is a huge emotional journey – this isn’t a Sears’s studio photo session. Boudoir is an emotional experience that will shake you to the core in more ways that you can imagine. So many of my clients say that their boudoir photo shoot was life changing, they saw themselves in a whole new light afterwards. Are you ready for your life to change?

7. Do not do a boudoir session unless you understand the following about being a woman:

  • Feeling beautiful is a personal choice. No camera, makeup or photographer can make you feel beautiful unless you decide that you are beautiful. Boudoir is a tool to help you change the way you feel about yourself. It’s a way of capturing that feeling but the real changes come from within.
  • Feeling beautiful and confident about who you are affects every aspect of your life. When you allow yourself to accept and embrace your ‘imperfections’ your confidence will soar and every aspect of your life will change.
  • When women embrace their beauty and become confident about who they are, therapists will go out of business.

8. Don’t do a boudoir session if you think it’s just about taking pictures

Boudoir is an investment in your time, emotions – and your future. You’re worth it, right? If you just see boudoir as a fun photo shoot you won’t get the most from the experience and might well feel that it’s not worth the financial investment either.

9. Don’t use boudoir as a shortcut to better communication.

I meet so many brides who think that giving their new husband their boudoir album is all they need to do for the wedding night of their dreams. Let me tell you what I tell them. Boudoir is incredible and your husband will love his gift, but believe me, you still need to communicate with him to get what you want. Don’t assume he’ll pick up on any clues you give him – feel empowered and ask directly for what you want instead!

10. Don’t do a boudoir session to show your partner how beautiful you are

He knows, and most likely he tells you all the time – if he doesn’t then it’s time to move on with your life! Do a boudoir session to see what your partner sees and then you’ll understand why he is so crazy about you. And remember that the real gift of boudoir isn’t in your images, the real gift will be in your new-found body confidence and your new enthusiasm for intimacy!

After reading this you realize that doing a boudoir session IS for you and you are ready for the next step, I invite you to get my Boudoir Packages HERE by registering in my website.