It’s a couple of days before your exciting boudoir session, but what should you bring? What do you prepare for? While the list isn’t long, there are things to consider before the boudoir photoshoot, and also a few staple items to include.

Put your outfits to the test

Trying your lingerie on at the store isn’t enough, and it’s important to the shoot because bodies change. Try items on a couple days before the shoot; make sure you can bend and move freely in them.

Also, if your clothes are folded away in a drawer, pull them out, wash them, and lay them flat so there are no visible creases in the items.


You’re investing a good amount of time and money in this photo shoot, so getting the details right is important. Having a couple pairs of backup stockings is wise, because, stockings rip and snag…easily! Don’t let a pair of stockings ruin your shoot.

Whether you’re having your hair and makeup professionally done, always pack your own. Between looks, you may want to touch some things up, so have a bag available.

The more options you have, the better! Bring the outfits that stir confidence and sexiness.

Relax in your regalia

Prior to the shoot, nix the clothing that could potentially leave an impression on your skin. This includes socks, bras, tight jeans, watches, and jewelry. The last thing that you want is your visible sock line in a photo — not so sexy!  

Leave the orange glow at home

Every person wants their skin to glow the day of the shoot, but do skip putting on the fake tanner. These products are notorious in staining clothing (imagine what it would do to a white neglige), and you could potentially look a little orange on camera. Instead, soak up some natural rays, or book a couple sessions at a tanning salon. Keep in mind what you’re wearing, again, you probably don’t want tan lines to be visible!

Do hydrate your skin by drinking water and moisturizing appropriately! Having smooth, glowing skin adds depth in muscle tone and definition.

Small touch-ups make for better pictures

If you highlight or dye your hair, think about getting it touched up before the shoot! Don’t forget about your hands and feet! Remove cracked nail polish and either keep your nails au naturale, or apply a fresh, new coat!

If you’re into waxing and shaving, touch up your bikini lines, legs, and armpits a couple days before the shoot.

Exaggerate for the camera

Think about getting eyelash extensions or false eyelashes to exaggerate your eyes. They may feel weird and bulky, but on camera, they look natural. They also make shots from the side and looking down really stand out.

If you’re not used to wearing much makeup in your everyday life, wear more than usual for your photo shoot. Experiment with brighter, richer colors, as they will help bring out your features.

If you’ve never done a boudoir photo shoot, book a session with Art of Boudoir for an unforgettable experience! Book today!