Boudoir photography is gaining traction for both women and men individually, and also in couple’s boudoir photography. It has a long-standing history, making its first appearance in the roaring 20s. Back in the 1920s, it was illegal to have nudity in photographs, and so, boudoir was born. The 1940s saw pin-up girls, and towards the 1970s, boudoir became more acceptable in mainstream American culture.

Cultural taboos are hard to shake, but over the last three decades opinions are gradually becoming diversified, and boudoir shoots are even becoming an add-on service for wedding photographers. If you’re still a bit hesitant about booking a boudoir shoot, read on to find out about the questions you’ve secretly been asking.

So what exactly is boudoir photography?

The current definition of boudoir photography derives from the definition of the French term for boudoir. Boudoir is a French woman’s private room or bedroom, hence boudoir photography is usually in a bedroom or hotel that creates an intimate space for the subject. The subject’s attire can vary from lingerie, suggestively covered, or fully nude.

Do you have to get nude?

First, find a photographer who has respect in the industry and has reviews; the last person you want to end up with is the creep from the Craigslist ad lurking the dark alley!

And, no you do not have to get naked, but you can if you want! The photographer respects your personal boundaries and is professional, so if you’re comfortable getting nude, go for it. Remember, the decision is completely up to you.

How do I get comfortable in a room full of strangers?

Nudity or semi-nude is a non-issue for photographers at boudoir shoots, as they strive to create a comfortable atmosphere that everyone can enjoy, but if you must, alcohol is allowed. Some businesses will even offer champagne and light refreshments. As the shoot gets rolling and hair and makeup are done, everyone starts feeling less anxious and ready for a fun experience.

Do I bring my own wardrobe?

You’ll want to contact the photographer ahead of time to see what they offer. Some will offer a collection of clothes to choose from, and others will ask that you provide your own. Either way, go in with a couple of your own selections so you know you’ll have items that fit you perfectly.

How much grooming should I prepare myself for?

Grooming is a personal preference, and it’s a personal choice for everyone. A rule of thumb is to wax or shave areas that will not be covered in a photo session. It’s recommended to do this a couple days prior to the shoot, especially if you have sensitive skin. If anything is unsightly, we’re happy to retouch an image.

Are you ready for the big shoot?

By now you should feel more at ease about the boudoir shoot. Be confident and comfortable, and most of all, have fun with this experience!

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