Has a boudoir photoshoot piqued your interest? Have you combed the internet researching this sexy, yet classy form of photography? In your search, you’ve probably come across dozens of articles on how to prepare for a photoshoot, what poses you can incorporate, and how to find the best photographer. There are so many conversations around boudoir photoshoots, but there’s not much of a narrative on showing up to a photoshoot as you are right now. So, we want to encourage that you are indeed photoshoot ready right now, and you don’t need to change anything! Find out more on how to celebrate your body right here, right now!

Celebrate your body right now

If you’re excited to book a boudoir photoshoot, but are a little hesitant because you’d like to lose 20 pounds, work on your cellulite, or get a little Botox to smooth your wrinkles, we’re here to tell you it’s okay for you to show up how you are now! Your body is not linear — it ebbs and flows with time. Perhaps you had a child and that changed it some, or you’re dealing with an injury that has limited your mobility, or maybe life has been stressful and it’s been emotionally hard to muster up the energy to exercise. So, your body has changed — it’s a little thicker and that’s more than fine, it’s normal.

If you feel like you’re not photoshoot ready or are self-conscious about being photographed from behind or the side because you’re afraid the light and angle might catch your cellulite, sometimes it just takes a shift in perspective to celebrate your body in the present. Be kind to yourself and consider some of the following tips and celebrate your body with a boudoir photoshoot!

  • Shed the beliefs that don’t serve you – What is the origin that a woman’s body needs to be perfect and flawless at all times — more so — if it’s not, it’s up for scrutiny and judgment? Celebrating your body now means diving into the shadows of these somewhat innate beliefs about your body and rewriting the narrative. You get to decide and validate yourself, it’s not up to someone else. Just because society deems something a “flaw” or “disgusting, ” doesn’t mean you have to continue to exist in that conditioned space.
  • Focus on the experience – Our experiences in life and as people aren’t necessarily to look a certain way, whether it’s skinnier or younger. There are so many rich experiences to be had, if only we could focus on those and not how we think we’re supposed to look. When you’re at the boudoir shoot, focus on the moment and the experience, not on the “what ifs;” “what if you can see my belly rolls?” “What if everything is jiggling?” “What if the camera really does make you look 10 pounds heavier?” Those limiting beliefs will ruin your experience.
  • Shift your energy – Have you ever noticed that when you’re stressing over how you look or how you want to be received, it’s taking energy away from what really matters? Try shifting your energy and create a list of things that deserve your energy currency. Things like going out with your friends, watching your favorite movie, or drinking wine while stargazing. Whatever you find happiness in, do more of that.

Here at Art Of Seduction Boudoir, we want to schedule your shoot as you are now. Know that you are a complete person and not bits and pieces of fat, cellulite, muscle, skin, and wrinkles — a complete person. We celebrate you!

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