How to visualize and start showing up as your highest self

Shifting the way you see and feel about yourself is essential to chipping away/erasing the unhelpful and distorted story you might currently be carrying about yourself.

Today I wanted to invite you into an imagination exercise so that you can start to shift the way you see and feel about yourself.

And so you can continue writing that new story about who you TRULY are.


Read through these questions and then get out a pen and paper or record your answers via voice memo. Give yourself some time to be present with these questions and visualize them inside your mind.

When you think of the highest version of yourself – that version of you that is 1000% you, that is confident in who she is, that honours her needs and desires….what do you see when you picture her?

How does picturing this version of you make you FEEL?

How does that highest version of you FEEL?

What does that highest version of you THINK about herself?

Now you’ve got your compass.
And now you know what’s ALREADY inside of you and true about you.

So how do you use this compass?
Check-in with your notes and this vision of yourself ideally daily or at least weekly.
Think about what you can do to FEEL the way that version of you feels.

When faced with a decision, tap into that vision of yourself and ask yourself, what would SHE do?

When you’re feeling self-doubt, connect with that vision of yourself and ask yourself, what guidance would my highest version give me right now? What would that vision of myself say to me right now that would be helpful and encouraging? 

Each time you explore and connect with that vision of you, you practice being HER. 

Each time you connect to those feelings you’re stepping into that vision and version of yourself.

How boudoir helps you step into the highest version of yourself

Last year, this incredible woman, Teresa, a retired police officer stepped into my studio with a vision of wanting to connect with her feminine side.

Here’s how Teresa’s vision of her boudoir photoshoot became real and how this transformative experience impacted her…. [or click here to watch her tell you the story]

Argentina you made the experience feel like I had known you for 20 years. It felt like a scene from Sex in the City where the girls are just hanging out and really having a good time.

I just felt like I was in a movie the entire time. It brought out the feminine side of me and I feel more connected than ever before to that part of me. 

I am totally loving it. I mean, I even take myself out on dates, I’m attracting men, let’s just put it that way, my feminine side is just out there, you know, in the universe, and again it’s attracting the masculine side. 

I’m still feeling so excited all around and my session was already 11 months ago.

Your session really boosted my confidence and got me going into where I want to be.

I confess I will go back and look at my album every so often and I totally enjoy seeing my photos every single time I do.

Boudoir photography is the catalyst for not only changing how you FEEL about yourself….but it changes how you SHOW up and live your life.

An Art of Seduction Boudoir photoshoot can help you uplevel your self-esteem, reconnect to your true self and appreciate your unique beauty and body.

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