At Art of Seduction, we offer a variety of boudoir themes to our photo sessions. With each client, our objective is to create an environment where they feel completely comfortable and in their element. We’ll discuss goals of the photoshoot and personalize it to your preferences.

The different options we offer are:

  • Secret Diva – a comfortable setting that could involve a fur rug, chair, wooden floor, or bed.
  • Water Diva – this setting uses water to create a fun and sexy element! You have the option of having water applied to, and splashed, on you, or a shower setting.
  • Divalicious – we offer boudoir sessions for plus size women.
  • Between the Sheets – this setting is for goddesses waiting to blossom! Have all the fun using sheets as clothing!

Staple pieces to bring – Secret Diva

In the Secret Diva setting, be as creative as you’d like. A common outfit is the sexy, yet simple, bra and panties option. Consider your personality or a look you’re wanting to accomplish; are you the girl-next-door or the sexy seductress? Pick your pieces accordingly!

Bring accessories! A common accessory we see is a long string of pearls, but you could style yourself in a men’s tie, or a beautiful Pashmina scarf; again, be as creative as you want!

Staple pieces to bring – Water Diva

Most women style themselves in white shirts and dresses, which creates a “barely there” effect. If you’re comfortable with nudity, this is a great theme to pick! Pose in the shower, or use just water as an accessory for an extra sensuous feel. You could also get creative and try a topless mermaid look, or dance in the puddles!

Staple pieces to bring – Divalicious

We want every person, no matter what their shape or size they are, to feel empowered. This is the Secret Diva shoot, but we’re body positive and inclusive to everyone. With this theme, wear what feels comfortable, whether it’s topless with jeans or a man’s oversized dress shirt; there are no exclusions.

Staple pieces to bring – Between the Sheets

No clothing required! The sheets in this theme are your clothes! Bring accessories such as wild shows, or fresh flowers for a bohemian vibe. Create a look and express who you are without limits.

In addition to the above of themes, we also offer fine art nudes, divine couples, model experience, and pregnancy boudoir!

Fine art nudes are taking nude photos to an artsy and classy level. Be experimental or classic!

Divine couples are for couples who want the experience of boudoir together!

Model experience is offered once a year to clients in an exotic, beach location! Here, you’ll have the opportunity to model swimsuits in paradise!

Pregnancy boudoir is for expecting mothers! Have a beautiful and sexy shoot!

Are you ready for a boudoir session?

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