Rekindle your self-love. Reclaim your confidence. Reconnect with the empowered woman whose been inside you all along.

Your arrival here, was on purpose. You put out a call, maybe it was to the universe, or a prayer to god or just a whisper asking someone to help you.

Maybe you’re burned out from trying to make everything in your life seem like it’s “great”, when really it feels like it’s falling apart. Maybe you’re exhausted from carrying the weight of all the expectations – having the perfect body, being the perfect mother and being the best employee at work.

Maybe what really brought you here is this: you’re tired of looking in the mirror and not recognizing the woman staring back at you.

If that’s the case, you’re not alone.
There’s an epidemic of self-doubt, negativity, shame and low self-esteem that’s disempowering women. It needs to STOP, because WOMEN, like you, me and all of us….we deserve better.

While shopping for a sexy little black dress, getting a new haircut or even spending a day at the spa, offers its own perks and a mini self-esteem boost, it can still leave us longing for something more.

That something more? Is what we like to call a TRANSFORMATION. The kind that changes how a woman feels about herself on the inside. It’s what happens when a woman finally says YES to her power, her confidence, her sexiness and most of all YES, to fully accepting and loving who she is.  So that when she walks out of the studio, she never again doubts her beauty, purpose and most of all that she’s

Maybe the transformation you’re craving is about prioritizing yourself and your desires. Maybe you’ve just celebrated a milestone birthday and your transformation is about this next chapter of life. Maybe you’re not sure what type of transformation you’re craving, but you just know you need a change.

These are just a few of the many reasons, women seek out the transformative experiences of an Art of Seduction Boudoir photoshoot. Transformations like what Katherine, Linda, Taresa and hundreds of other women have experienced……

It was my turn
Unexpected twists, turns and a dark moment is what brought Katherine to Art of Seduction. After solely focusing on being a mother and wife for 35 years, she was ready to find her light again. Leading up to the session she started to feel the shift, remembering for a first time in a very long time what it felt to prioritize herself. She walked out of the studio that day knowing that when came to her desires and dreams, it was her turn to make them happen too.



I’m only 40

Growing up Linda always felt like a “big girl”. When she turned 40 she decided she wanted to change the way she felt about herself and her body. She turned to Art of Seduction for a boudoir photoshoot to support her with that transformation. After seeing the photos for the first Linda broke down in tears. She couldn’t believe it was her.

Linda’s life after boudoir meant she felt more bold and confident in wearing sexy dresses. She no longer wanted to hide in the background. She wanted to embrace and flaunt her curves. The biggest shift in Linda’s transformation, was that she realized she was ONLY 40 afterall and that she had a whole lifetime ahead of her to go after what she truly wanted.

It’s a gift for ME

Initially Taresa booked the photoshoot as a 21st wedding anniversary gift to her husband. He always remarked at how sexy and beautiful he thought she looked. Though she could never see what he saw, she appreciated how loving and supportive he was. During the shoot, Teresa felt herself become more comfortable and confident. By the end she felt free and was having so much fun, she had even forgotten that it was meant to be a gift for her husband. As she strutted out the studio, Taresa knew that it was really a gift for herself. Because now she could see and feel the woman her husband had experienced all along.

Here’s a secret: we’re all scared. Do it anyway.

All of the women I’ve worked with say they’re scared to start their transformation. We’re afraid of how our life might change, even if it’s for the better. We’re scared to step outside our comfort zone and do something new.

BUT all of the women I’ve worked with also have this in common too….that as the photoshoot and their transformation goes on, the nerves begin to fade, they tune out the inner critic and something else appears….CONFIDENCE….EMPOWERMENT……SEXINESS…and most of all a deep sense of knowing that it was all worth it. That they are worthy and and that they were meant to do THIS.

Whatever brought you here, trust me this isn’t as good as life gets. You don’t have to settle. This can be your beginning. The beginning of your very own TRANSFORMATION.

Spark your confidence, let your self-esteem glow and reconnect with the powerful woman that you are. Give yourself the gift of an Art of Seduction Boudoir experience. Right now you can sign up for your chance to win a FREE boudoir session with me. CLICK HERE for your chance to win your own TRANSFORMATION.

Wherever you’re at in your own transformation, know that I’m here for you every step of the way.