I thought it would be fun and insightful to take a little trip down memory lane and look at a few of the 9 boudoir photoshoots I’ve done since 2009!

Feeling “old, unattractive and like a failure”  
That was how I felt about my body and myself before I did my first boudoir shoot when I was 38 years old. I had been divorced twice by that point, I had no kids and I still hadn’t achieved my “ideal” body. A body that I THOUGHT would make me attractive to men and make me finally feel worthy.

When I worked up the courage, and truly it FELT courageous..… it was my INVITATION to liberation

Seeing my photos liberated me from that distorted image I’d been carrying around in my head all those years. I wasn’t “old, unattractive and a failure”. 

I was a beautiful, sexy, powerful and vibrant woman. 

That liberation helped me realize my passion and the power of boudoir photography..and it’s part of the reason I had the honour of photographing 3,000+ women.

BUT unfortunately not all my photoshoots have gone so well…..  

Fast forward to the photoshoot that made me feel EMPTY inside  

Before I got married for the third time, I decided I would do a photoshoot for my then-future husband. From the moment I had made the decision, I knew it didn’t feel right, but I went ahead with it anyway. 

I wanted to give him these photos so that he would see who he was marrying and think about how lucky he was and give me everything I wanted.

But that didn’t happen. When I gave him the pictures I actually wanted to call off the wedding, that is how undeserving and empty I felt.

Lesson learned and my second liberation in life…  

I can look back now and see why I felt so empty. I wasn’t honouring myself and my needs. I was doing the photoshoot to make him see me in a certain way and meet my needs. 

Three years later and after working with so many more resilient, powerful and beautiful women, I woke up one day and realized that I didn’t need to be married to be worthy and to be accepted by my family.

And ever since I’ve been focusing on myself and doing everything to be a better woman. 

I truly can’t wait to be 70 and still be doing boudoir sessions, embracing my body as she ages and inspiring women to do the same. 

You’ll never find me encouraging women to do boudoir for other people or in a way that compromises a woman’s intentions and integrity. 

I’m only here to help you do it for the right intentions, the ones that honour you.  

Intentions like….

Deepening your relationship with your body.

Strengthening your conviction about who you TRULY are and what you’re capable of.

Breaking through those limiting beliefs that get in the way of you having what you DESIRE.

Your boudoir photoshoot is about honoring the woman you are AND the woman you are becoming. 

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✅Use of shoe and jewelry boutique $100

✅1.5 hours of my talent as a photographer creating 300+ images with 5-6 different concepts to choose your favorite images. $600

✅Private viewing of your images $200

✅Digital enhancement and retouching of your 10 to 30 favorite images $200-$600

✅Luxury leather album to preserve your images $300-$600

Your boudoir experience has a total value of $1850!

But to make sure that you are not concerned about NOT liking your images and WASTING your money, I’ll do your session for free and you will only invest in your images once you fall in love with them.

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