Discover the surprising secrets of Boudoir Photography: How it boosts body confidence and helps women feel 10 x more beautiful

When people ask me what I do, I say I do transformations. 

I help women transform by shedding their distorted perception of their bodies and see themselves as the powerful, confident, and beautiful women they already are. And I just happen to use my camera and boudoir photography as the experience to help get them there.

Whether you’re curious about boudoir photography, have been dreaming about doing a photoshoot for years or feeling unsure if this experience is the right fit for you….TODAY… I’m sharing the secrets of how at Art of Seduction Boudoir we help women accomplish these TRANSFORMATIONS.

Secret #1: Making a Statement  
When you book a boudoir session you’re telling yourself and the whole world that you are worth it. It’s a way of affirming that you are good enough, that you are important, that your needs and desires matter. 

For a lot of women that I work with boudoir is often the first time in their lives that they truly prioritize themselves and their needs. 

A boudoir photoshoot becomes a liberating experience for women – helping them put themselves first and explore what other needs and desires they want to satisfy.

Secret #2: Changing your reflection 
Almost every SINGLE one of my 3,000 + clients has the same reaction when they see their boudoir photos… “I can’t believe that’s me”. 

When women have the opportunity to see their photographs they are confronted with a brand new perception of themselves and their body. The photos challenge the previous beliefs and stories women have about themselves and whether they or their bodies are good enough. 

The photos are both proof and a reminder that you’ve always been beautiful.

Secret #3: Take back your power and REDEFINE your beauty 

According to Brené Brown body shame is THE #1 source of shame for women.

From a young age, women have been taught to believe that beauty only looks a certain way – often it’s a woman with a thin body and whatever beauty trend is “in fashion” at the moment.

We’re taught that if our body and appearance don’t match up to these unrealistic beauty standards then we are not worthy of love, acceptance and belonging and so we begin our chase for worthiness.

I chased for my worthiness in men and weight loss goals and many of my clients have had a similar experience.

Boudoir is an opportunity for women to redefine beauty for themselves. The women who do this take back their power and live from a place of believing they are worthy and beautiful as they are and that nothing outside of themselves changes that.

Boudoir gives women the opportunity to change the relationship with their body from shame to self-love and acceptance

Secret #4: Own your unique beauty 
For a lot of my client’s boudoir is the first time or the first time in a VERY long time that they say to themselves “I am beautiful. My body is beautiful.”

The photographs give you the experience of seeing your unique beauty and when you walk out of the studio you not only have the experience of FEELING beautiful, but you have this ever-present reminder that you are uniquely beautiful just the way they are.

Secret #5: Reconnect with the woman that you TRULY are 
Whether it’s challenging life experiences, marriage, divorce, raising kids, losing a career or reaching middle-aged, it’s not uncommon for women to reach a point in their life where they think…

“How did I get here?”

They look in the mirror and don’t recognize who they are. They feel disconnected from their true selves.

The boudoir experience is not only designed to capture stunning images of yourself, but it’s also designed to help you tap into your femininity, inner strength and be an opportunity for you to rediscover HER….the woman that you truly are.

Secret #6 The LAUNCHPAD effect
There’s no way around it having boudoir photographs taken of yourself is a vulnerable experience. And to be vulnerable we need to be courageous.

When you take this courageous step to have your photographs taken, this experience reminds you of what it feels like to take BOLD action in your life. It gives you a lasting confidence boost and opens up your imagination as to what else you could TRANSFORM in your life if you took courageous action and believed in yourself.

This is why boudoir photography is so powerful. It helps women like me and you, finally see and appreciate our body and our beauty. And once we find a way to appreciate ourselves and reclaim the power and confidence that comes with it…..well it’s safe to say there’s no stopping us.

For the last 13 years, I’ve used boudoir photography to help over 3,000 women transform the way they feel about AND see themselves so that they can elevate their self-esteem, boost their confidence and feel BEAUTIFUL! 

When you decide Boudoir is definitely something  you want to do for YOU, I invite  you to APPLY HERE to receive a complimentary Boudoir Session that includes:

✅Professional hair and makeup application $200

✅Use of shoe and jewelry boutique $100

✅1.5 hours of my talent as a photographer creating 300+ images with 5-6 different concepts to choose your favorite images. $600

✅Private viewing of your images $200

✅Digital enhancement and retouching of your 10 to 30 favorite images $200-$600

✅Luxury leather album to preserve your images $300-$600

Your boudoir experience has a total value of $1850!

But to make sure that you are not concerned about NOT liking your images and WASTING your money, I’ll do your session for free and you will only invest in your images once you fall in love with them.

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