Bolder beyond 50 is a week long retreat for women who are in their 30’s and 40’s and want to ensure they are exactly where they want to be by the time they are 50.

And for women in their 50’s and 60’s this is an opportunity to unleash the powerful woman within into the best years of her life being unapologetically her beautiful, confident self.

Argentina and her sister Eliana, both in their early 50s, have accomplished their dreams of living a life full of purpose helping women in their own journeys of self-discovery, raising their confidence and self-esteem through the power of photography.

In Bolder Beyond 50, you will be personally coached by Argentina and Eliana to get clarity about what you really want out of life and draw a road map to get you exactly where you want to be. Your confidence and self-worth will be uncovered in a unique photography experience to create images that represent the woman you want to be.

Join a select group of like-minded women in a week long retreat in a private resort in Bali or Fiji. Your self discovery journey will include one on one coaching as well as group coaching sessions for few hours every day.

You will unveil the beautiful and determined woman who is ready to leap into the best years of her life in a powerful photo session surrounded by the Fijian or Balinese nature.

No self-discovery retreat offers a combination of personal coaching with the power of photography.

Argentina and Eliana are strong believers that in order to inspire women to have a true transformation that is sustainable for life, women need to have a tangible proof of their worthiness, and photography does just that.

Bolder Beyond 50 photoshoots capture forever the beauty, strength and courage every woman needs to thrive in the best years of her life!


COZUMEL, Nov 27-Dec 2, 2020

BALI, April 1-10, 2020

FIJI, March 4-13, 2021

PARIS, July 2-8, 2021

COZUMEL, Nov 26-Dec 1, 2021

FIJI, March 3-12, 2022