Whether you  decide to do a Boudoir Photoshoot or only want to have beautiful lingerie to feel sexy for yourself or be playful in intimacy, you need to select the best lingerie for your body type that enhances your assets, fits you properly and has the functionality you are looking for.

With so many choices of lingerie, brands and boutiques, the most common mistake I see women make when shopping for lingerie is to shop in places like Amazon without checking the vendor and being disappointed with the quality, fit and delivery time of the items (sometimes they wait for months)

Being in the business of Boudoir Photography, my job is to educate my clients on how to shop for lingerie for their photo shoot and how to select the best for their body type so that they don’t end up frustrated. This is essential because lingerie is advertised with professional models and women can’t expect these pieces to look the same on them as they do on the models.

I have personally vetted the best lingerie boutiques that have good quality items, different ranges of prices for all budgets and are US or Canada based and will deliver promptly. These shops are direct brands or resellers with an established reputation. And because my clients go from the most petit women to beautiful curvy women, I have researched brands and boutiques to include all sizes and figures.

I have put together a very comprehensive LINGERIE GUIDE HERE that includes:

  • Bras
  • Undies
  • Garter Belts
  • Body Suits
  • Baby Dolls
  • Slips
  • Over and Under Bust Corsets
  • Bustiers
  • Cinchers
  • Harnesses and
  • Stockings

It also includes tips on how to style each items for a boudoir photoshoot and includes non-lingerie items like:

  • Shirts
  • Jerseys
  • Props: ties, hats, feather boas
  • Sheets and
  • Bare skin

This LINGERIE GUIDE includes images of “REAL” women who I have photographed in Boudoir Photoshoots so that you cab appreciate how these pieces of lingerie look on different body types and also how they have been styled to enhance their figures.

I am sure you will want to know my “secrets” to make these women look fabulous in sexy lingerie regardless of their size or body type so that you can do it too and this lingerie guide also includes:

  • 11 Essential pieces for a perfect Boudoir photoshoot
  • 5 Additional Ideas without Lingerie
  • Best Kept Secrets to Enhance Any Lingerie Piece
  • Exclusive List of Curated Lingerie Brands and Boutiques
  • Surprise Offer Inside!

Even in you never do a boudoir photoshoot, you will want to have this LINGERIE GUIDE that I offer completely FREE by filling out the form below.