Take your lingerie IQ from shy beginner to savvy stylist

You’ve just booked your first boudoir photoshoot. You feel relief, excitement and some nervousness. Now the question is…. what will you wear?

While shopping for lingerie might not create the same excitement in you as shopping for shoes, we’re going to help you navigate the aisles of lace, leather and feathers with confidence.

Often clients call me panicked, worried about finding the perfect outfit for their boudoir photoshoot or they’re feeling frustrated by the lack of options. That’s exactly what we’re going to explore and more, with the help of Lingerie Expert Asen from Le Rouge Boutique.

What to know before you shop
If you’re going to invest time and money into your boudoir session, it’s equally as important that you spend time finding the right outfit options to suit you and your personality. Breathe. Shopping for lingerie can be stressful and overwhelming. It can also be a triggering experience when it comes to our bodies. This is an opportunity to practice self-love and honoring your body as it is. After all, doing a boudoir session is showing our body respect.

Lingerie 101

While you might think of lingerie as lacey, revealing or sexy; what if we also thought of lingerie in a different way. What if we thought of it as makeup, support or even gift wrapping for our body. That’s right, your body is a gift, so why not wrap it accordingly – with love, your personality and enhancing what you’ve got in mind.

Ready to go shopping? Here’s a few important things to keep in mind:

  • Think of the experience as a grown-up version of dress up – a way to play and dress your body in new ways
  • When you enter a store notice what colors and materials stand out and inspire you
  • Don’t be afraid to ask the associate to tour the store with you and explain how things fit and show you material and style options
  • Try things on, so you can see how they fit and feel on your body or ask the associate to put the garment on a mannequin first

First things first, when you do a lingerie session, focus on breast support first and then focus rest of outfit.

Never underestimate the importance of wearing the right…

BRA SIZE! Up until 6 years ago, I was wearing the wrong bra size. It wasn’t until I stumbled upon a cute lingerie boutique in Ireland where I was fitted properly. Step #1 ladies, go get fitted!

Now that we’ve covered Lingerie 101, let’s move on to exploring the different types of lingerie available.

This piece is structured similar to a one-piece bathing suit. When trying it on and deciding sizing, keep in mind if you have a long or short torso as this will impact how it fits. You want it to feel comfortable from the straps and neck area all the way down. If you have a square body, look for a french cut teddy as it gives the illusion of wider hips. A teddy with a keyhole helps with cleavage and defines your collarbone.

Teddy Variations

Teddys also come as soft structure, molded cup and softline or second skin. A soft structure has an A-line silhouette as it floats away from the body after the chest area and offers a more flowy look. With a soft structure teddy you’ll lack support in the bust area, so a bra may be desired to pair with it.

A molded cup teddy offers more support and shaping in your bust, giving you that pushed up and fuller breast look.

 A softline or second skin teddy is made out of a delicate mesh with some reinforcement that offers support and shaping. Finding a tie neck swag cup will give you great support in the bust area.



This piece flares out over the body and gives you that A-line silhouette. It’s a great option for women who can’t find a corset or teddy for a boudoir session. A baby doll offers more coverage in the torso and stomach area and showcases your legs and breasts. Look for an empire waist in a babydoll to give the illusion of it hugging the body in the waist area.


A more form fitting option with a straighter cut. It’s perfect for pear, V or triangle shaped bodies. These are made with lace and are very delicate. You can pair this with a lace bra and colorful underwear to layer underneath.


If you’re looking for shaping and definition, a corset is the way to go. As there are many different types of corsets: underbust, overbust, waspy, longline and shortline, you’ll want to try them on to see which one fits your body best.

A corset can only do so much contouring and our bodies are all built a little differently. Understanding your natural silhouette and shape can make finding the right corset even easier.
If you want to learn even more about corsets, check out our dedicated corset post over here [insert corset blog post link].

Now that we’ve covered the different types of lingerie, it’s time to mix and match and create ensembles that bring out your personality for your boudoir photoshoot. Whether it’s an alter-ego, fantasy role or specific theme, this is where you can get creative with styling your look. And one more thing, there’s no such thing as too much LACE!

Lingerie Styling


Enhance your Legs

Wear a garter belt at your waistline and pair it with shapewear, fishnet stockings or keep your legs bare. A belt or waspy corset at your waistline will make your legs look even longer. Stockings are great for shaping or hiding the texture of skin.

Flaunting your Derriere

Pair a brazilian or cheeky cut teddy with a garter belt and thigh high hosiery. Garter belts help lift and support your butt. Lingerie with extra material like ruffles, ruching or bows in the rear will add dimension and make your butt appear even bigger.Looks with more Coverage

Pair a sheer robe with stockings and a babydoll for an exposed yet covered style. A sheer robe will still show your skin, but allow you to feel comfortable and confident if you want more coverage. Look for robes with lace details or decorated satin to add layers and interest to your outfit.Customize your Lingerie

If you’re struggling to find a piece of lingerie like a teddy, corset or babydoll that fits you, you can always take a plain bra and underwear and accessorize it. See if there’s a burlesque scene in your city (P.S. Austin ladies we’ve got an amazing burlesque scene happening here) and reach out to hire someone to decorate your bra or put up a post on Craigslist for someone with sewing and garment alteration skills.Keep it Colorful
Don’t be afraid to stray from the tradition lingerie colors of red or black. Keep your skin undertones and overtones in mind and play with colorful bra and lingerie options.

If you have yellow or olive toned skin, avoid yellow or cream colored lingerie and opt for soft purples and blues. For the fair skin ladies, green, pink and navy are great colors to play with. Yellows, vibrant orange, mint green, turquoise or even baby blue are great options for women with darker skin tones.

Bring out your inner Rihanna
If you have an alter ego, a fantasy or theme you want to explore in your boudoir photoshoot, use lingerie and accessories as a way to bring it to life.

 Pair statement jewelry, a feather boa and fishnets with a teddy to emulate the look of a burlesque dancer.

 A faux fur jacket or trench coat, with heels or boots and a colorful bra and panties can be a way of bringing out your inner seductress.

If you’ll be gifting photos of your boudoir session to your partner, husband or boyfriend, bring some pieces from their wardrobe to wear. One of my clients brought her husband’s pilot shirt and hat and wore it with her lingerie.

Don’t forget to look at the everyday clothes in your wardrobe. A grey sweatshirt can be used to recreate that flashdance scene or sheer blouses or a vest are also great to pair with your lingerie.

If you’re still feeling like your outfit needs layers and interest, look to accessories to turn a boring ensemble into a spectacular one.


Always Accessorize

The possibilities here are endless. Scarves, boas, belts or a harness can be layered over your lingerie look. Add sparkle with a rhinestone garter belt, stick on body bling, a body chain, or a statement necklace. Tutus or petticoats are fun and playful options to incorporate as well. Complete your look and put all those stilettos in your closet to good use.

Use these ideas as inspiration and a jumping off point when creating your ensembles for your boudoir session. Giving yourself enough time to carefully curate the looks you envision will make this experience even more fun and enjoyable.

Be sure to check out Le Rouge Boutique if you live in Austin, for all your lingerie needs. Asen and the staff that work there, truly are experts when it comes to all things lingerie.

If you need even more suggestions for your boudoir session, helping clients style their looks is part of the package I offer, so you can feel confident knowing you’ll look and feel amazing!

All About Le Rouge

Le Rouge is by far my favorite lingerie boutique. They offer a variety of options and sizing, whether you want simple, fancy or 50 Shades of Grey style lingerie. If you live in Texas or want to shop online, be sure to visit Le Rouge to browse their selection of lingerie and corsetry, https://www.lerougeboutique.com.

Le Rouge also offers sexuality classes once a month on a variety of topics and I’ll be hosting one in December all about boudoir photography.

Want to learn more about boudoir photography?

Whether you’re celebrating a milestone birthday, feeling ready to step into your power and confidence or you want to treat yourself to a special gift, boudoir photography isn’t about taking sexy photos. It’s about giving yourself permission to be fully seen and embraced.

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