When you are preparing to do a boudoir session, it’s better to know what to avoid when picking your lingerie than to tell you what to bring. Any outfits you bring will be great for a boudoir session if you avoid the following mistakes:

1. Loose lingerie that gives you no support and no shape to your body.

A good example is in figure 1, a typical slip or chemise. Although the fabric can be supple and silky, the boobs have no support at all. Even if you have great boobs, gravity is going to take over in certain poses and the fabric doesn’t wrap the body to show off your waist. However, slips are great for covering the tummy so if you want a slip, look for one that has breast support.

2. G-strings and thongs.

They normally come with your corsets or bustiers and they look more like an eye patch! Get a sexy panty that enhances your booty. You are better off getting a nice panty than trying to stick to the matching bottoms your outfit comes with. Also avoid sheer fabrics even if you have a Brazilian, it’s too distracting, and you want the attention to be well balanced in any photo of you.

3. Bustiers that show your tummy.

Unless you are a Victoria’s Secret model with a super long torso, this piece is a big no-no for boudoir. Your body will look short and if your tummy is not super flat and defined, you will have images that will require a lot of Photoshop to fix unwanted folds, pouches and stretch marks. Get a full bustier that goes down to your pelvis if you choose to get one.

4. Bodysuits.

Bodysuits can be great if you know how to shop. Avoid bodysuits that have no support and look for ones that have underwire. They can be tempting when they look so lovely on the models but remember, only 1% of women have a body like a model. In the dressing room your cleavage might look hot but without support, your boobs will move in all directions while posing, even if you are blessed with perky breasts.

5. Plain fabrics.

I know many of us are very conservative or practical when buying our lingerie. For a boudoir session, you need to get out of your comfort zone and look for bright colors, textures, and cool lingerie designs. You will feel so much sexier when you go to work wearing your new super sexy lingerie, and your images will be fabulous!

When I shopped for my lingerie for my own boudoir session, I was tempted so many times to buy beautiful outfits that looked amazing on the models — but I had to be realistic and shop for my body type. My outfits were not super amazing in terms of design, but they did so much for my body that I was very pleased with the images. I got outfits that would enhance my assets (legs) and hide my problems (waist and tummy). Here is one of my images: