In my series of interview with the experts, Dr. Sarah Brown, with 20 years of talent management experience and a Ph. D. In PyschoEducational Processes talks about  how in her corporate job she saw a big problem repeatedly—a large number of mid career professional women who were in the wrong job, miserable, but unable to answer the question:  “What do you want?”

Now she is dedicated to help women find their “unique gift” and find what they really want with the help of her book “The Book of You”,

She also offers free webinars and workshops for any professional who is ready to leap into the best stage of her productive career life. Doing what she is good at and that she loves.

Dr. Brown is offering FREE webinars to find “Your Unique Gift” Text: KTS to 33777 to get information for her next free webinar

Visit her website to get her book on self-coaching