I recently interviewed Denise Poteat, a Dating and Relationships coach for ambitious heart-centered women who have success in everything in life, but love…(the shoe totally fits here for me!)

Denise is held as a leading authority who specializes in helping successful women attain and sustain long-lasting love with high quality men by “letting go” and “letting love” happen.

Denise is the CLO or Chief Love Officer of Mantality of Dating and is a highly sought-after relationship and attraction expert in understanding men. She is not only a trained psychotherapist who has counseled hundreds of smart women and couples, but an ex recruiter who is an expert in online dating and strategies to make it work.

Listen to my interview with Denise below, where I ask her WHERE to find quality men for us “women of certain age”, HOW to spot a good one from a bad one, WHAT to do when they pull away and more.

Ladies, many of you have expressed to me your desire to find a partner now that you are in your 50’s and ready to live your best life. You have expressed your frustrations on on-line dating, the huge amount of low-quality men, so many players and men who are praying on good women who are successful, beautiful but also vulnerable.

It is time to put an end to it and really learn how to do it right. By now, you know who you are, your value, what you want and deserve and what you are not willing to tolerate.  What is missing, is a blueprint on how to “head-hunt” for the best candidates to “interview” i.e. date, and how to test them until you find the man that is right for you and is eager to give you what you want.

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