I have spent some time now reading, listening and studying with Simon Sinek, author of the book “Start with why”. He is a motivational speaker that I am just fascinated with. He talks about leadership and attracting people to your life that believe what you believe. From his videos, I want to share 10 basis for success and how we women can apply them in a way that help us become more confident, the foundation for your success. Here are his 10 rules and I speak more about each one of them as they apply to women’s confidence in the video below.

1.- Break the rules. Don’t follow the crowd all the time, don’t be afraid to do things different.

2.- Train your mind. You give the meaning to your feelings. You can re frame feelings to mean something different that empowers you instead of weaken you

3.-  Be patient. Things take time, success is a journey not a destination. Modify your path as needed but don’t quit your destination. You work every day of your life to live your dream and once you reach a goal, you have to work to stay there.

4.- Take accountability. Don’t blame anything or anyone for something that you are responsible for. Your success or lack of it is your responsibility.

5.- Outdo yourself. Don’t compare yourself with anyone, you are your only competition. Wake up everyday and ask yourself, how can I be better today?

6.- Stack the deck. Surround yourself with people who believe the same as you. People who are like you, support you, inspire you and strengthen you. Be with people who want you first and don’t make you second or third choice.

7.- Be the last to speak. Listen to everyone around you and speak last. It gives people a sense of being heard and understood and give you a chance to know everyone’s opinion before rendering yours. Ask questions so that you understand where they come from.

8.- Be authentic. Don’t try to be a different person to be liked or accepted, you will be discovered eventually. Be yourself.

9.-  Find your passion. Find what you would love to do even if you didn’t get paid for it.

10.- Start with why. Understand WHY you do what you do or why you want what you want. This will tell you why you get out of bed in the morning and will inspire you to follow and achieve your dreams.