Uncover your confidence level and learn how to AMPLIFY it.

I USED to believe I’d feel more confident when…. I lost more weight, had perfect skin, found the right man, and found a way to reverse time and go back to my 20’s and 30s.

Thankfully, through my 40’s I learned the TRUTH.

I discovered through my own story and working with thousands of women that when we learn to put ourselves at the center of our lives, believe that we are worthy of our desires and take BOLD action on what we want….we become a confident force to be reckoned with.

As women like you and me approach our 50’s we realize….we don’t have to settle and spend the next 30 or 40 years feeling unfulfilled, full of doubt or thinking it’s too late.

We get to reinvent ourselves, we get to realize our dreams, start that business, find a loving partner, travel the world, and most importantly….. we get to call the shots and create a meaningful next chapter in life…..

And leveraging our confidence is exactly how we can do just that (and more)!

10 Key Habits of Confident Middle-Aged Women

Habit #1
They compliment and speak the good they see and admire in other women JUST AS MUCH as they compliment and see the good in themselves.

Habit #2
They look in the mirror and genuinely appreciate the woman looking back at them.

Habit #3
They see their past with compassion and gratitude instead of shame knowing the woman they were 10 or 20 years ago helped them become the woman they are now. 

Habit #4
They set ambitious goals and allow themselves to dream without limits.

Habit #5
They own their story and who they are.

Habit #6
They’re not afraid to ask for help, because they know that asking for help doesn’t change the fact that they are worthy.

Habit #7
They’re able to clearly identify and communicate their needs in the important relationships in their life.

Habit #8
They’re totally capable of standing up for themselves and setting boundaries.

Habit #9
They accept the gracious and generous compliments and recognition they receive.

Habit #10
They have deep trust in themselves and live their life from this place.

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Hey, I’m Argentina Leyva – International Photographer, Confidence Coach and soon to be published, Author
For the last 13 years, I’ve had the honour of helping over 3,000 women, using boudoir photography to elevate their confidence and self-esteem so they can live a BOLD and fulfilled life.