The exciting thing of a new year is that you have a clean slate to write on it for the next two months. What do you want to read at the end of that year? Do you even remember what you did last January? I certainly don’t!

Time goes by so fast and next thing we know, the year is over and we have no clue of what we really accomplished that year. I have decided to live 2018 with purpose. But instead of making a list of my “resolutions”, I want to focus each month on something that allows me to live a year filled with self-love, empowerment and purpose.

I invite you to join me in living 2018 with a purpose so that even if we don’t cross out anything of the “resolutions list”, we can finish each month feeling that it was a month lived with purpose, self-love and empowerment. Writing in a journal would be great but if you are not the writing type, here are couple of ideas on keeping track of your progress each month:

  • Write on your Google calendar or any calendar what you will focus on that month so when you forget, it will be in front of you each time you look at your calendar
  • Set up an alarm on your phone to remind you every day or once a week to focus on the goals for that month.
  • Write it down on a piece of paper, take a picture and set it up as your phone and computer background, you can’t escape this reminder! Better yet, use one of your own boudoir photos to write on using a phone app!

So here we go, let’s start the year by focusing on loving our body.


This is the month when we tend to look at the mirror and see the results of our overindulgence over the holidays. We tend to look away, hide our bodies under baggy clothes, punish our body hitting the gym and going into a diet. We feel disgusted about our weight gain and the fitting of our clothes. It stops here, now January will be the month where I give my body all the love, appreciation, gratitude she deserves for carrying me all through 2017 and allowing me to do the things I love. My body has accumulated extra pounds, but I refuse to not look in the mirror and I refuse to hate her.

The way my body looks now is the evidence of all my blessings in 2017, especially over the holidays. I was able to spend Christmas in Orlando with my family and my boyfriend, ride Harry Potter to my heart’s contempt, eat all those delicious meals, treats and obscene amount of ice cream. It also shows the evidence of my overindulgence in wine and carbohydrates and the lack of any type of exercise for almost one month.

But everything I did and all I ate was done with the people that I love the most, creating the most wonderful memories. Would I trade these memories, these days spent with my loved ones and having so much fun for not gaining one single pound and keeping my body in shape? ABSOLUTELY NOT! I had the time of my life thanks to MY BODY. Because of her, I was able to indulge and enjoy the pleasures in life. And the way she looks now is a reminder that IT HAPPENED!

But now, it is time to say thank you and take care of her, so that she can be ready for my next overindulgence in the summer. I will feed her good food that nourishes her instead of starving her. I will exercise her to get her back in shape and not punish her in the gym as if she had been a naughty girl. I will honor her, love her and appreciate her and not be ashamed of her because she can’t fit in those tight jeans anymore.

Now it is your turn to give your body the love and respect she deserves. Make January the month of body love by doing the following throughout the entire month and see magic happen!

  1. Look at your body in the mirror and say thank you for everything she’s done for you.
  2. Clean and nourish your body by eating nutritious foods and drink lots of water to flush the toxins.
  3. Get her moving again by going to the gym, walking, running, dancing or any type of physical activity you enjoy. And remember not to punish her to the point where she can’t move or gets hurt. This is about healing and getting back in shape.
  4. Say nice things to your body through the day, just the way you would address your child.

Do these things in any order as much as you can during the month of January and jump start your year filled with self-love and empowerment!