We are not in the time of our grandmothers, where we depended on men to dictate our destiny and secure our future. Now we have the power to achieve our dreams on our own terms. We have the freedom and the power to choose what we want to be, where we want to go in life and how far we want to go.

Historically men are the achievers and evolvers of humankind and women were the ones waiting for them to figure out how to achieve success and be by their side to support them. And they have, thanks to their great efforts and of many women as well, the secret to success is no secret anymore. It has been put out there for everyone to reach out and take it. Everything that can be done to achieve our greatest desires is not rocket science, it’s actually common sense. But common sense is not common practice!

It is so simple that it is hidden to the naked eye because the secret to success can not be seen, it can only be understood, felt and carried away. It can be so abstract that it escapes most of us unless we study those who have succeeded or the books written about success.

I have compiled the list of the seven books that I have relied on to be where I am now. It all came to me as a gift of the first book by a friend in 2005 and from there a world unknown to me at that time was unfolded in front of me. I still read these books, at least once every year, they are my support and my source or inspiration, strength and determination to live the best life I can possibly live.

And I want the same for you. I want you to the best possible version of you, happy, fulfilled, successful, strong, proud and in love of who you are.

These books have helped millions of women and I am sure they will help you when you decide you are ready to become your best self.

I hope you agree with me!


If you are ready to transform your life or keep in the path of growth you already are, I invite you to download my list of 7 books that I recommend every woman and man should read in her/his life time.