Let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to “age gracefully”? As we approach midlife, our confidence gets compromised by “getting old”. But more than anything, I believe is more the fear of “looking old”. The truth is, most of us embrace our mature years, not many want to go back to the struggles of our 20’s. We love our experience and how much more confident we feel about who we are. But we hate looking in the mirror and looking old.

We get bombarded from every angle with products, solutions, procedures, advise about how to reverse aging, avoid aging, prevent aging. And everybody claims their products are the best. As for me, I have no particular loyalty to any product just for the fact that no line has really explained to me in detail what can and can’t be achieved.

I see many celebrities that in their desperate attempt to stay young to stay in the show business game, they end up looking so made up, unnatural and like they are trying too hard.

I believe that women can feel more empowered when they embrace their age apologetically and do not define their worthiness by how young they can stay, rather by how happy and confident they feel and look at their age.

That is why I embrace “aging gracefully”. I am not going to deny that at age 49, I do get a lot of compliments about my looks and people guess me in my 30’s. But I really don’t give myself credit for it. I have chosen a lifestyle and beauty routine that combined with the good genes I was blessed to be born with, it has allowed me to age better.

I say I don’t give myself credit because mainly, I never had children and I am happily divorced. Those two things, having and rising kids and being in an unhappy marriage, put a lot of stress in women. I have dedicated all my time to me for as long as I remember. And to be fair, before my divorce I did look my age, actually, I looked older.

Stress, smoking, drinking, lack of sleep, sun exposure, depression, health issues, they all cause us to age prematurely. Since I decided to leave my job and focus on my photography business that makes me so happy, that is since 2013, along with my divorce the same year, I can honestly say that all my stress went away and have slept better than ever!

I have also invested a lot in my face. Regular peels and facials, laser rejuvenation and in the last few years I made the decision to supplement my skin care routine with Botox and fillers to look a little better.

So yes, I want to age gracefully just like you. I don’t want to stay forever young, I just want to look my best at my age, in other words, age gracefully.

So, to help you take better decisions about your skin care routine, find out if you are doing the right things and also if your skin care line has the ingredients that are a must to give to your skin, I have found an amazing expert on that!

Her name is Christy Hall, she is a Board Certified Physician Assistant who owns and operates a world class medical aesthetics practice in Tucson, Arizona.

Specializing in non-surgical facial rejuvenation, Christy helps her patients improve skin health and reach their aesthetic goals, all day, every day.

In our interview, I asked Christy how to address the issues that women of “certain age” like us are concerned with the most: the best way to age gracefully, how to treat sun spots, wrinkles, sagging skin, dry skin and more.

Watch my interview in the video below and I strongly encourage you to try her core collection that includes everything you need for a daily complete care of your skin.

I am getting my collection in few days and I can’t wait to try it and report on in during one of my live Facebook conversations.

I hope you enjoy it!