When I look back at my life 13 years ago, I find it incredible that back then I felt old, unattractive and my life worth living was about to be over. I was 38, divorced twice, no children and forever battling my body weight, never skinny enough.

Fast forward to today and my life could not be better. I am 49 and soon will start a new decade in my life, the big 50! I feel younger than ever, absolutely beautiful, worthy and full of plans for the second act in my life.

So what happened you might ask? How did I go from feeling unworthy and unattractive to totally rocking my life? Simple, I changed my perception of me. I didn’t do it by choice, it was actually quite an accident and very unexpected. But you know what they say: beware of what you wish for!

The short story is that my own boudoir session unexpectedly showed me how beautiful I am for the first time in my life and THAT changed my opinion of me FOREVER!

Listen to my video below where I tell you all about my transformation and how I realized a boudoir session has the power to help any woman who wants to increase her self-esteem and body confidence, to do exactly that.



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