If I asked you “what do you love about your body?”

What would you say?

If your answer is something like…

“I love my legs, but not my stomach” or “I’d love my body if I was thinner” 

I wrote this post just for you. 

Look, ladies, I LOVE and use affirmations just as much as you do….BUT….just repeating affirmations to yourself in the mirror won’t stop those sabotaging thoughts you have about yourself and your body.

If we want to truly accept our bodies, then we need to transform the way we think about ourselves and understand how self-esteem actually works. 

I’ve helped thousands of women change their perception of themselves, so they can fall in love with their bodies and live a happy and fulfilled life and these are the exact steps I’ve used to help them.

The essential first step: transforming the way we think about our body

From a young age, women are conditioned to believe that in order to be loved and accepted we need to look a certain way. For many of us, myself included, that’s when we start to struggle with body image, comparing ourselves and focusing on what we want to change about our body. As we age we continue to hold onto this belief that our worth and value are attached to what our body looks like.

But here’s the thing ladies, you are NOT your body. You are a spirit in a body, having a human experience. This is where things shift – by changing the way we perceive and view our bodies.

When we can see our body as this beautiful vessel that allows us to experience life – whether it’s loving your children, enjoying an ice cream cone or going on vacation, it’s ONLY then that we can begin to free ourselves from those critical thoughts and comparison. We can actually start to love our body for what it allows us to experience and treat it with the acceptance and respect it deserves.

Next time you look at yourself in the mirror, instead of picking yourself apart, look at your body as a vessel. Thank your body for all that it allows you to do and experience. If you do not learn to love and respect your body, no one else will. 

How to Build Self-Esteem 

Once you’ve begun to view your body as a vessel and start to accept it, you can begin to focus on ways to boost your self-esteem by:

  • Uncovering the sabotaging thoughts that stop you from feeling beautiful, confident and worthy
  • Gaining a true understanding of what self-esteem is and how we can rebuild it
  • Breaking free of the emotional addiction patterns you have that keep you in the cycle of low self-esteem
  • Transforming into a woman with high self-esteem

This is exactly why I’ve created my brand [NEW] course made just for you, in order to help you magnify your self-esteem…


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In just six weeks, you will:
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When a woman feels good about herself, feels confident and knows she worthy of love and acceptance, everything in her life changes for the better. She becomes the master of her life.


I hope this blog post inspires you to love your body and I’d be honored to be a part of your journey to becoming the woman you are meant to be.


Share in the comments below, what your biggest takeaway is. Learn more about my new course, I’m Not Fat, I’m Delicious: Transform your Thinking & Awaken your beauty.