10 Reasons why you deserve an “I’m just getting started” Bash for your 50th

We’ve all heard that it’s inappropriate to ask a woman her age. I’m not sure if this started out as an attempt to be courteous or an attempt to make it embarrassing for women to reveal their age. Aging as a woman, though unavoidable, has not been something we’ve traditionally been given the grace to let unfold. But, we’re starting to see a shift in how aging is discussed and with hashtags like #grayhairdontcare and #50plusandfabulous, it’s clear that women are getting feistier and more unapologetic about too. And I think we can all agree, it’s about damn time.

A lot of emphasis is placed on achievements and life milestones in our 20s and 30s, but for many women this can be a stressful and confusing time. We take on these life and work roles – mother, partner, caregiver, best friend, manager, wife and almost as quickly they can take over us, to the point where we slowly lose ourselves.

I recently celebrated my 49th birthday and as I’ve been having conversations with clients and friends, it’s apparent how many women begin to experience a liberation in their 40’s and 50’s. This space opens up and we begin to allow ourselves to let go of those pressures, the pretending and instead DARE to go after our desires.

We’re taught that we should tip-toe quietly [shhh] into our 50’s and keep masking our age…..BUT you didn’t come this far in life just to spend the next 30 or 40 years hiding did you?

I didn’t think so. Let’s ditch the pity, put on some rouge coco flash Chanel lipstick and pour ourselves a glass of chardonnay and get into it, shall we?

10 reasons why 50 isn’t a pity party, but an “I’M JUST GETTING STARTED” bash…..

REASON #1) You might have fewer parental, spousal or work responsibilities at this age. Why not embrace it and use this extra time to double down on your self-care and practice prioritizing you. You’ve worked hard and you deserve it.

REASON #2) Now that you’re approaching (or have surpassed) 50, likely your pesky Aunt Susan has stopped bothering you about when you’re going to “settle down” or “find a husband (or another one)”. Whether you’re content with flying solo or want to dip your toes in the dating pool, you can let go of all that pressure of “finding that one” and instead focus on having fun, maybe enjoy casual (but safe) sex or even bring out your inner COUGAR.

REASON #3) #REALTALK, by now you know what you want and you aren’t afraid to ask for it. You’re no longer worried about keeping up with fashion or decor trends or only liking what your partner or husband likes. Now that you’ve let out (or are in the process of letting out) your inner rebel, you can leave your younger people pleasing self in the dust.

REASON #4) You’re a pro at flicking those little worries and stresses off your shoulders. You’ve been through enough in life that you know how to laugh at yourself, take things less seriously and give yourself a serious dose of self-compassion when you know you need it.

REASON #5) You’re not worried about fitting into the same dress size as your 16-year old self, because you feel sexier and more confident NOW than ever did before. You’ve evolved past attaching your worth to the weight on the scale or what’s reflecting back to you in the mirror. Sure you still want to look fabulous and take care of yourself, but you have more self-acceptance for who you are. Your younger self was so focused on who she wasn’t that she missed out on loving who she already was. Your 50 year old self isn’t making that mistake again…now it’s about total acceptance and rocking on with life as your badass self.

REASON #6) You’ve been around the career block a time or twelve and while you’re not the youngest in the office, you do have trust on your side. You know and trust your strengths and talents and in this next chapter, you could use them to volunteer or start your own non-profit, join a board of directors or the political scene. Maybe even start a new business. Talent isn’t limited to age, so don’t be afraid to use it.

REASON #7) Maybe you haven’t climbed an actual mountain, but in the game of life, you definitely have. You’ve survived, whether it’s been loss, failure, heartbreak, divorce or a combination of all of the above. AND you kept going. You’re a strong, courageous and brave WOMAN. That alone is worth celebrating.

REASON #8) You’ve learned to create your own definitions of success and what brings you joy. You’ve been able to let go of comparison and jealousy and practice more gratitude for what you have. In doing this you’ve let go of striving to become someone you’re not and have allowed yourself to begin to experience more contentment.

REASON #9) You have more life experience than you ever have before. That life experience translates into real wisdom, learning and practical advice. Remember all those women you looked up to when you were 15, 28 and 33? Well now you are that woman to other young women and girls [And spoiler alert, keep reading to find out how you  can share your story in a powerful way].

REASON #10) If reasons #1-9 didn’t convince you, maybe this one will. Turning 50 (and beyond) comes with an imaginary permission slip. I know you’re not ready to settle or turn your back on your desires. What if this was the birthday you gave yourself PERMISSION? I’m writing myself a permission slip to become a first-time author.  What will you write on your permission slip?

If this list has you all fired up about celebrating your 50th birthday (and beyond), I created just the thing for you.

I want YOU to be a part of my first book – Bolder Beyond 50. It will feature the stories and lessons of vibrant everyday women like you who see their 50’s as a chance to celebrate and LEAP into the best years of our lives.

AND what makes this announcement champagne celebration-worthy is…..

The women who participate in the book will also be joining me for a luxury retreat and boudoir photoshoot experience in BALI !(imagine yourself in the Balinese rice fields or laying in Savasana surrounded by the tropical jungle).

It’s a retreat for women who are ready to give themselves permission…to travel, to learn a new skill, to launch a business, to move to a new city, to meet their next partner, to lead a cause they believe in…..BUT most of all it’s for women who are ready to THRIVE in their 50 plus and fabulous life.

Women who’ve previously attended my retreats have said things like…

“It was so fun and so liberating”

“I’m so much more clear and unafraid to share my desires for this next exciting stage of my life”

“I feel like I know myself even more and more importantly am more proud of who I am”

I want you to be able to experience a transformation and leap into your 50’s with as much ENERGY + VIBRANCE as these women did.

Being 50 is a time to celebrate ourselves, our bodies, our beauty, our strength, and our wisdom. It’s a time to appreciate our journey so far and map out new and exciting ones to come. Through this project, you will be able to inspire and change the lives of other women and celebrate your own.

What do you say we show this world how a REAL 50-year-old woman celebrates?!

Click on the link below and learn all about our Bolder Beyond 50 Book + Retreat and how you can be a part of it.

Make 50 plus your boldest years YET!