★★★★★ Loved It

I decided to book this a year ago. The Universe worked against every date I set. The crazy part, IF I had done this a year ago, a month ago or two weeks ago, I would have been unhappy with everything. Only with in the last few days have I come to accept my current body. My heart is full and happy. I have come to embrace this stage of my life. Single woman raising three badass young adults , who are taking the world by storm. I am in love with my life.
When we started these pictures, I was unsure of what to expect, how they would look and if I would still be ok with my body. I was FLOORED. I loved the end results. Argentina captured me. The me who has weathered the storm, who got laid out after her divorce and stood back up, who stood there confident, strong and defiant. Badass Bitch looking right back into that lens.

EMPOWERED. THAT is what you walk away with… and images to prove it!

Michelle T. March 26, 2019