★★★★★ Loved It

WOW, is all I have to say right now!!!! I will be turning “50” in a few months and wanted to do something special for myself. Yes, you may hear “you’re beautiful,” “you’re sexy,” (and “you’re not fat”) from people time to time or “you’re perfect the way you are”—yet you’re not believing it for yourself. Or being told by someone you thought was that “special someone,” that there’s something wrong with you or if you could change this or that, and you’ll then be absolutely perfect – can really mess with your psyche. Talk about having anxiety about yourself and body/image for a long, long time (despite being a gym rat and losing weight workout after workout and diets… oy vey)! I never thought in a million years that doing a photo shoot could be so much fun and so liberating–why did it take me so long to do it?!!! That anxiety, self-doubt about your body image, just but all disappears when you walk into the Art of Seduction studio and interact with Argentina, “The Woman Whisperer”. I told Argentina, “I don’t know what magic you have, but I just feel an overwhelming sense of calm [and excitement] come over me as I get “glam’d” and dressed up for my shoot”. She made me feel so comfortable and I became that Sexy and Beautiful Woman. If you are thinking about doing a boudoir shoot—then stop THINKING ABOUT IT and DO IT. Art of Seduction is RIGHT the place to be. Argentina has a way of making you feel extra special about yourself and she really knows what looks/angles are best for you. It’s private—just you and her. Her personal touch (yes, she dresses you herself in your corsets, stockings, accessories, etc.). Her instructions are on point and viewing the pictures afterwards was just as much fun. Finally FEELING it and SEEING it for yourself is absolutely thrilling—I no longer care what anyone may think of me. I AM A BEAUTIFUL WOMAN AND I LOVE ME JUST THE WAY I AM. Please don’t wait any longer—do this for YOU! Thank you Argentina!!!!

Norma C. April 30th 2019