★★★★★ Loved It


I would never have imagined that I would ever do a boudoir session, but I kept seeing these ads on Facebook and decided  to watch the video. Because Argentina’s story of herself and finding self-confidence really resonated with me, I decided to schedule the session. Argentina is truly an amazing women. Not only did she spend the time talking with me about her life story, she really listened to everything that I was saying affected my self confidence. Although a little nervous the morning of the session I still showed up. Argentina helped to pick out which lingerie I brought would look best during the session. The sylist then did such an amazing job on my hair and make-up that I was no longer feeling nervous. After changing into my first outfit Argentina took me for my first pose. She was aware of my back problems and was truly concerned. She let me know that if I needed a break at any point during the session to advise her and she would accomodate me. Argentina’s instructions with each pose were easy to follow. The entire session was fun and I actually felt sexier with each new pose. I do suggest bringing along a friend for moral support. i brought along my god daughter and the three of us had a blast throughout the session. Looking at the first few photos was a little hard at first. Argentina explained that the first few photos are the hardest to look at because you are nervous at first. She was right! As we continued to look through the photos, I started to see some amazing pics! I started to see how beautiful and sexy I actually am! Thank you Argentina! I look forward to doing another session again.

Wanda S