LOVED IT! ★★★★★


THIS WAS LIFE CHANGING. I took a few weeks to write this review because my head was

spinning from so many emotions. After I signed up, I had immediate regret. I needed to lose at least 20 pounds, who am I dealing with and trusting to see me in such vulnerable situation? Just going out and purchasing the lingerie for the session was overwhelming. I wanted to cancel. Leaving home and driving to the studio – I almost turned around many times – my heart was in my stomach. Why would I spend money on this when I can just have a trusting friend take private pictures of me. ALL of my concerns were washed away as soon as Argentina came out of the studio and met me upon my arrival. This truly was an amazing experience. She is so very positive and professional and has an amazing eye to bring out your best sexy features. The studio is gorgeous and classy. This was a gift to myself for my 50th birthday and it is worth every penny – I am worth this experience. I am not a size 5 anymore and I feel more beautiful and sensual NOW than when I was a size 5. This is NOT just a photo shoot and pictures being taken. This has had a profound effect on me and my self esteem. Anxiety and insecurity have been a lifelong problem for me and I couldn’t have asked for anyone else in the world to walk me thru this experience and help me give this gift to myself for my 50th birthday. Ten years from now I will look thru the book, remember the experience and be so happy I did this. If I didn’t take this leap of faith – it would’ve been a true regret.

Gina M