1. ★★★★★ Loved It!

    I saw the Facebook page for Art of Seduction and the advertisement for the contest and decided what did I have to lose by registering for it. I figured I wouldn’t win anyway because I never win anything :-).

    When I received the email that I had actually won, I was shocked but so excited and decided this was something that I had to do. I had never even thought to do anything like this before so I was very curious.

    From beginning to end the experience was amazing. It felt good to be pampered and have my hair and makeup done and end up looking glamorous. Argentina is extremely nice and professional and makes you feel relaxed.
    The shoot was very empowering and made me feel really good about myself. This experience was different from anything that I have done because it is so personal and intimate. If you are thinking of doing this and are hesitant, please register with Argentina and let her create photos that will make you proud and feel like the special woman that you are and help to give you an experience that is one of a kind. She is the best!

    S. K.
  2. LOVED IT! ★★★★★

    I chose Art of Seduction because I felt comfortable before I made an appointment for my boudoir session. I appreciated Argentina’s video on her website. I felt connected to Argentina through her video. The boudoir session was fun, I felt comfortable and out was an amazing experience! I’m so glad that I had this experience with Argentina.



    Melinda W
  3. LOVED IT! ★★★★★


    THIS WAS LIFE CHANGING. I took a few weeks to write this review because my head was

    spinning from so many emotions. After I signed up, I had immediate regret. I needed to lose at least 20 pounds, who am I dealing with and trusting to see me in such vulnerable situation? Just going out and purchasing the lingerie for the session was overwhelming. I wanted to cancel. Leaving home and driving to the studio – I almost turned around many times – my heart was in my stomach. Why would I spend money on this when I can just have a trusting friend take private pictures of me. ALL of my concerns were washed away as soon as Argentina came out of the studio and met me upon my arrival. This truly was an amazing experience. She is so very positive and professional and has an amazing eye to bring out your best sexy features. The studio is gorgeous and classy. This was a gift to myself for my 50th birthday and it is worth every penny – I am worth this experience. I am not a size 5 anymore and I feel more beautiful and sensual NOW than when I was a size 5. This is NOT just a photo shoot and pictures being taken. This has had a profound effect on me and my self esteem. Anxiety and insecurity have been a lifelong problem for me and I couldn’t have asked for anyone else in the world to walk me thru this experience and help me give this gift to myself for my 50th birthday. Ten years from now I will look thru the book, remember the experience and be so happy I did this. If I didn’t take this leap of faith – it would’ve been a true regret.

    Gina M
  4. ★★★★★ Loved It

    Before doing a boudoir session, I was really struggling with my self image. I could only see a version of

    myself that was not who I wanted to be, not who I thought I was, and not who I was happy with. My boudoir session opened my eyes to a new way of seeing myself. For the first time I saw what other people see when they look at me and I fell in love with what I saw. Even things that I judged very harshly before my session, I realized are very beautiful, and very powerful. Argentina is a phenomenal photographer, she went far beyond what I ever expected in the time and effort she put into every aspect of the session, including poses, backdrops, expressions and her time and input in the review of photos. However above all what made my experience with Art of Seduction so transformative is Argentina’s deep understanding of our inate self worth and her ability to capture it in her photography and evoke it in her interactions with people.


    Brittany L

    I chose Art of Seduction Boudoir Photography to capture the essence of my rebirth and my revival after a very stressful divorce with the realization that I would be a single mother of 5 adult and teen children, after finding out I had lupus, and after I realized I would soon be 45 years old.

    Argentina made me feel alive, beautiful and empowered to express myself in a very intimate setting that allowed me to be free to be me…..comfortable in my own skin. Sure, my body is not perfect, but it is darn fabulous for over 40!

    Thank you Argentina for giving me the courage and strength through photography to see myself in my true nature…..BEAUTIFUL!!!

    S. Kyle
  6. ★★★★★ Loved It

    I saw her drawing on Facebook for a free session and put my name in. Never thinking too much about it, 

    I received a message that I won. My husband had mentioned to me that he would like me to do something like this for him, so I checked out her portfolio and was impressed. So I called her up and after talking to her was even more impressed. I did my session today! WOW!! It was an amazing experience. I was super nervous, but right away Sharon put me at ease as she did an incredible job with my makeup and hair. While she was doing that, Argentina was putting together the outfits I brought and adding a little flare. We went upstairs, put on outfits and she showed me what to do. Argentina was so sweet and made me feel totally comfortable with what we were doing. It was almost like being with an old friend. I would and DO highly recommend anyone to do this. As soon as I left I called two of my best girls and told them that they must do this!