1. ★★★★★ Loved It

    I came across the studio through a friend who had her pictures done. I followed the Facebook page, and won a session! I was very hesitant to do it, but decided that I needed something to help boost my confidence because of all the life stresses I was bombarded with. From the minute I got to the studio, Argentina put me at ease. She has this relaxing demeanor, so it makes the experience even better. She really is amazing with what she does. I was nervous, but after having this experience, I definitely would recommend doing it, it really does boost your confidence!

    Andrea C. April 1, 2019
  2. ★★★★★ Loved It

    Sheila, January 19, 2019
  3. ★★★★★ Loved It

    Sheena, December 2018
  4. ★★★★★ Loved It

    First of all, I loved EVERYTHING about my session. I absolutely loved the way Isabella applied my makeup. She made my eyes pop and made my face look flawless. She added extensions to prove a length and fullness. She was a delight to work with. Second of all, working with Argentina was amazing. She’s extremely welcoming and made me feel at ease. She absolutely knows how to work the camera. She used the right angles to capture all my curves. I definitely recommend every woman (especially over 50) to have a session. It puts you in a different mindset and makes you love yourself all over again. You DEFINITELY won’t be disappointed. I guarantee you! She’s amazing.

    Olivia S. 12/09/2018
  5. ★★★★★ Loved It

    Tammra, November 15, 2018
  6. ★★★★★ Loved It

    I was very hesitant about doing this. I thought I would hate everything about it. I did not think that I would see my body in a loving light again. My self esteem was at its lowest it had been in a very long time. I didn’t feel like I was enough. I didn’t know myself as anything other than a mom.
    From the moment I was in I felt welcomed like I was amongst friends. The hair/makeup was great! I wish I could have her at my house daily!
    The boudoir shoot with Argentina was phenomenal. She is great at what she does. She makes you feel comfortable. You forget that you have practically nothing on in front of a stranger. When we sat down to look through the pictures I couldn’t believe it was me I was looking at. I finally saw myself as a woman again, not a mom. Argentina made me realize I am more than enough, I am with it.

    Melissa D. October 28, 2018