1. ★★★★★
    I had the pleasure of having Argentina take boudoir pictures. She has an eye for detail and knows how to empathize your best features. It can be intimidating, because we are usually our worse critics about ourselves. I think this something that every woman can experience to remind yourself of what you can do and you can be the hot vixen. With the help of Argentina and her glam squad you will look amazing and they will bring your inner sexiness out. Even if you don’t have a significant other for them to enjoy, you should definitely do it for yourself. When time flies, you can look back and say to yourself “wow, that’s me”!


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    Angela P.
  2. ★★★★★
    I was so nervous, but from the minute I walked in, the staff made me feel so comfortable! It took all my nerve just to book an apt, but SO GLAD I did! I am over 60, fat, and wrinkled! I HATE posing for pictures! I always look so ugly! But, here in this studio with Argentina…she made me feel BEAUTIFUL and I looked BEAUTIFUL!!!! I would go back every week if I could…it made me feel THAT GOOD!!! My husband will get the surprise of his life when he gets this beautiful album of his now beautiful wife!!! I have cancer and who knows how long I have, but, seriously, THIS WAS THE BEST THING I COULD DO FOR MYSELF!!!!!

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    Lori R.
  3. ★★★★★

    When I set the appointment I was worried about how I would handle it since I had never done a session like this before. When I arrived at the studio Argentina made me feel very welcomed and put me at ease. I had a great makeup artist & hair stylist! I had no certain plans for my makeup or hair. She did a great job just making me feel beautiful. Once I got to the actual pictures – it was so much fun. We laughed, talked and just enjoyed the time. Once I got to see the pictures I couldn’t believe that it was me. I am so excited to see the digital proofs and have my album in hand!

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    Faith D.
  4. ★★★★★

    Argentina is absolutely amazing! She’s the best photographer I’ve ever seen or used! She is great to work with & I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for more than just the average. She puts 110% into each & every photo she takes & made me feel so comfortable! Her work is definitely one of a kind & you can tell how passionate she is within seconds of meeting her! You will not be disappointed!

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    Nicole D.
  5. ★★★★★

    This was a fantastic experience! I decided to do a boudoir session as a wedding gift for my fiance, but to also celebrate how hard I have worked while getting healthy and happy in shape. I was extremely nervous, I am very shy and this is totally out of my comfort zone, however Argentina was fantastic! Once we got started, I was no longer nervous she made transitioning between poses seamless! Argentina modeled poses along side me which helped me understand how to move my body to create amazing pictures, and let me tell you the pictures were amazing! Argentina truly is fantastic at what she does. The hardest part really was narrowing down my picture choices. Throughout the entire process Argentina was personable and professional, I didn’t even realize that we had been there for nearly 4 hours! I also have to mention how fantastic her makeup/hairstylist was. My makeup was natural, seductive, and totally me. I took several selfies and want my wedding makeup to look exactly like it!

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    Jessica G.
  6. ★★★★★

    My Very First Boudoir Photo shoot with amazing Argentina Leyva After hearing of my chance to experience a photo shoot with Argentina, you can imagine how thrilled I was. Naturally, I jumped at the chance and before I knew it I was arriving at Argentina’s studio for my shoot. I had never done anything like this before – it was exciting and terrifying all at once. As soon as I was greeted by Argentina, I felt significantly better. She was an absolute joy – so genuinely friendly and loving. We had a general chat to begin with to put me at ease. After introducing me to her wonderful staff, it was time for hair and makeup. I looked amazing and had to do a double take to see myself in the mirror with amazement. The shoot was soo much fun. Argentina made me feel so comfortable and just to let loose and have fun. The entire experience what out of this world. I thank her for allowing me to experience this and to be able to feel my Goddesses and Sexiness.

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    Joanna S.