…I Will Call You At Your Selected Time And Day!

You have come this far and have invested a lot of TIME to get here and I respect you for that. For this reason I want to make sure you have my UNDIVIDED attention and have reserved 30 minutes of my schedule to answer all your questions, hear your concerns, tell you more about the boudoir experience, available dates and of course explain the investment options.

You will receive a TEXT and an EMAIL the day of our call to CONFIRM your appointment. I will ask you to please reply to either reminder to let me know you WILL take my call.

If you change your mind or can’t be available at the time I reserved in my schedule to talk to you, please make sure you CANCEL our appointment and allow another lady to take your spot to talk to me.

I hope nothing comes between our phone conversation and I truly look forward talking to you!

In the mean time, here is one of our Past Diva’s Testimonials.

Thanks for your time!
Talk soon,

Argentina Leyva