Wrap yourself in LOVE this Holiday season.

Since it’s the time of year that’s all about GIVING, I thought it was timely to remind women to prioritize giving to themselves, particularly in the self-love department, because…

Self-love changes everything


I say that with total conviction, because of my own experience. 

THIS is why if you asked me what I’m most proud of it would be my fierce commitment to loving myself. I’ve witnessed how it’s made my life more vibrant, enjoyable, pleasurable and freeing. 

And my hope is that one day you can add it to your list of the things you’re proud of too (if you haven’t already).

Before we get to the 10 Self-Love Gifts Every Middle-Aged Woman Needs, I feel it’s important that we get crystal clear on what SELF-LOVE really is and why it matters.


“What does self-love REALLY look like anyway?”

The media and our culture focus so much on the love we give to our kids or the romantic love we give to our spouses or partners. It’s not surprising self-love can feel a little confusing. 

Here’s how I think of self-love…

Self-love is having the courage to take charge of your healing. Self-love is creating a life you desire and not settling for anything less.

Self-love is facing all the events in your life with open arms knowing that they happen FOR YOU.

Self-love is choosing compassion over shaming or blaming yourself for past mistakes.

Self-love is coming to the end of each day and saying to yourself “I’m so proud of myself. I did the best I could and tomorrow I’ll show up and give it my best shot too.” Self-love is being present in each moment.

Self-love is the conviction that you are GOOD ENOUGH. Self-love is owning the power you have to create your reality and inspire other women to do the same!


When we give ourselves the love and care we need, we can remember who we truly are…and that’s when the game of how we show up and how we live our life REALLY changes.


Now that I’ve got you on board with what self-love actually is and how it impacts how you feel ….it’s time to pass out the PRESENTS!

Wrap yourself in LOVE this Holiday season  

Gift #1: Get Holiday Glam

It’s the season for cancelled holiday parties or zoom ones we can attend in our PJs. While dressing for coziness and comfort is great, dressing up for ourselves and because it makes us feel good is a perfect self-love gift! Put on your favorite holiday dress or outfit, do your hair and makeup and take a selfie of yourself. 

Finish the outfit off, by giving yourself a loving compliment and notice how it boosts your mood!

Gift #2: Journal about LOVE
Give yourself and your heart some space to do a little check-in. Grab your journal and answer these questions:

What makes you FEEL loved?
How do you want to love yourself in 2021?

Use the answers to the questions to design your own weekly or daily self-love practice!

Gift #3: Acknowledge yourself!
Say out loud to yourself or write down all the things you’re proud of yourself for and what you want to celebrate about yourself. Pause and really let yourself savour this acknowledgement!

Gift #4: Love your body
Check-in with yourself and your body. Think about what kind of love and care your body needs from you right now and give yourself whatever it is! Notice how it feels to take care of yourself from a place of love and not shame.

Gift #5: Say NO to something
Look at your to-do list and calendar and check-in with yourself.
What plans feel like obligations?  What can you say no to so that you can free up some more time and energy for yourself?

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Gift #6: Take yourself on a date
This one is pretty self-explanatory! Think of a little adventure or solo outing you can do that feels special and loving to you! It might be visiting an art gallery or museum, eating at a fancy restaurant, or having a spa day!

Gift #7: Write yourself a love letter
Write your younger self a love letter telling her all the things you needed and wanted to hear when you were younger. Click here to read the one I wrote to my younger self if you need some inspiration!

Gift #8: Choose loving thoughts
Pick a new loving thought you want to practice about your body. Write it on a sticky note and put it by your mirror so you can practice it daily!

Gift #9: Have a “choose yourself” afternoon

Try letting go of plans or your to-do list for an afternoon and follow your intuition or inner wisdom. Maybe it’s telling you to rest, take yourself out for coffee or take a bubble bath.

Gift #10: Get quiet
It’s hard if not impossible to hear our intuition and inner wisdom if we’re always around other people. Set a timer for 20-30 minutes and sit or lie down or go for a walk by yourself. Write down any messages you receive from your intuition.

Bonus gift: FREE Self-Love Workbook
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