It’s OKAY to feel nervous 

I don’t know if anyone’s told you this before, but ….I hope you know it’s okay to feel nervous about having someone photograph you and your body. 

A boudoir photoshoot is a vulnerable experience for many (if not all) women, myself included. I was EXTREMELY nervous before my first boudoir shoot and I’m a photographer!

And for a lot of women, just the thought of doing a boudoir photoshoot can induce those butterflies in the stomach feeling.

Almost all of the women I work with tell me they feel the exact same way.

I share this to normalize feeling nervous.

I share this to say we don’t have to shame ourselves if we’re feeling nervous or look at our nerves as a sign we’re not “confident” enough.

I share this to normalize doing things that matter to you even when we’re feeling nervous.

We can feel confident and nervous at the same time!

And…we don’t have to wait until our confidence is rock solid to do a boudoir photoshoot, share our story or let ourselves be seen. We can do that with a smidge of confidence and belief in ourselves, knowing that these acts and experiences are important to us.

Here are 3 confidence-boosting and loving thoughts to practice this week:

1) Each time I have a loving thought about myself and my body I’m contributing to my own healing

2) I don’t have to love myself perfectly in order to rebuild and strengthen my self-esteem. I can do it imperfectly and still experience stronger self-esteem.

3) I’m so proud of myself for the way I’ve grown, healed and loved myself over this last year/month.

Tell me, which of these thoughts will you be practicing this week?


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