What would you say to your younger self if you could? Here, I share what I’d say if I could go back in time and meet my 16 year old self.

Dear Argentina,

I know you don’t feel like you fit in anywhere, but hang on in there – you will find your place in the world and it’s wonderful! You’ll get to travel across the globe and have friends in all four corners of the world. You’re going to achieve more than you think is possible right now.

But what I really want you to know is this.

Being fat doesn’t make you ugly or unlovable – that’s just society and the media trying to dictate your worth based on your appearance. Don’t let them! They’re simply trying to make you buy into an impossible ideal so that you’ll believe their advertisements and use their products. You are not fat. Yes, there is fat in your body, but that’s very different, and it doesn’t define you.

You have the power to change your body, change it to be healthy, not to please society or to be accepted or considered worthy, but because you’re worth taking care of. You are worthy and deserving of love, respect and appreciation for who you are, not because of the way you look at this moment.

You will find that power. You’ll learn all about health and nutrition so that you can make the right choices for you. You’ll find confidence in yourself and you will learn to love yourself – I promise these things will happen.

Until then, try to love your body as it is. It’s your most precious possession. Loving your body as it is right now is an act of courage and self-worth. When you decide to take that step, magic happens – you become the leading lady in your life.

And believe me, it’s some life you have ahead of you.

With love and admiration for who you are now – and who you’ll become,

Your older self

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Wishing you all health and happiness,