The fastest way to know if a boudoir session is right for you 

I come with some words of caution today, because I know if you’ve been thinking of doing a boudoir shoot it’s not a decision you’re taking lightly.

It’s a special gift and a transformative experience and because of that, I wanted to share a few reasons why women shouldn’t do a boudoir session or should at least pause and get clear on their intentions for wanting to do one.

Reason #1: You want to do it to get back at your ex-boyfriend/partner/husband 

Why this might not be a good idea: We can’t control how other people are going to react or think, so doing something like a boudoir shoot with the intention of getting a reaction out of someone likely isn’t the best approach. 

Not to mention ladies is it really worth your time + money + energy to do a boudoir shoot for your ex? NOPE!

Reason #2 To critique or pick apart or compare your body

Why this might not be a good idea: Well that’s just self-punishment. A boudoir session is meant to help you see yourself and your body from a new loving and appreciative perspective (not a critical one).

This next reason might surprise you… 

Reason #3: You want to do it for your current partner/husband/boyfriend  

Now lots of women book boudoir with this intention and there is nothing wrong with it.


What I invite you to think about is do you have any expectations of your partner reacting to your photos in a certain way?

Are you doing it with the expectation that it’ll make your partner look at you differently?

Your partner might look at the photos and say that you look beautiful or sexy like you always do. They might not react the way you had hoped or you may feel like they don’t appreciate the gift.

The thing is….they didn’t go through the process – you did! You stepped in front of the camera facing your insecurities and fear. You got vulnerable and brave. 

This is why I recommend that women get clear on their intentions for booking a boudoir session AND why I encourage them to get clear on why this experience is meaningful to them!

To increase your self-esteem, become a more confident and resilient woman….all the benefits of having a boudoir shoot, now that is a true gift that you can share with a loved one. 

You can still share your images with your partner, but book a boudoir shoot for yourself.

Then you can share your photos without any expectations and their appreciation of them will be like the icing on the cake!

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