Women normally think about doing a boudoir session for a long time before they actually make up their mind and decide to contact me and book.

It is not uncommon for women to hesitate and in my experience they might just need a little push, a little reassurace that makes them feel comfortable to take this step. And quite often, it is just to hear from other women what boudoir did for them.

For this reason I thought it would help to hear from some of the women I’ve already worked with.

Here’s why Christina wanted to do a boudoir session:

“I was born with a rare syndrome called EEC, which affects all of my body, specifically my hands and feet as well as my mouth. I was born with a bi-lateral cleft lip and palate, as well as 7 fingers and 7 toes. I also have a vision impairment and hearing impairment. Due to my syndrome, I’ve started losing my hair. It’s been a major problem with how I look at myself, especially because I see all these women that look perfect, with gorgeous hair, etc. I needed to remind myself that I still can look beautiful.”

How inspiring is Christina? What an incredible woman! Here’s what she said about the moment she first saw her images:

“I was in love! I’m still in love with my photos! When I first saw them at the studio, I loved them, but seeing them in the book, took my breath away. They made me realize that I need to look at myself in a different way – not a bad way.”

Now meet Kawana. She’s an ovarian cancer survivor. We can all imaging how much that diagnosis and the treatment that follows can shatter your self-confidence in every aspect of your life. Kawana realized that she needed a confidence boost – and gave me the honor of providing her with it. This is her reaction when she saw her images.

“OH………MY……….GOD……… THAT’S ME!!!!!!!!!!! THAT’S REALLY ME!!!!!!!!! I DIDN’T REALIZE I WAS SO PRETTY………..!!!”
How wonderful is that?

Finally, here’s Linda. Linda says that she’s felt like a ‘big girl’ all her life, but when she turned forty she wanted to feel desirable. Here’s what she said about the moment she saw her images…

“I was floored! I actually cried! Never in my life have I looked that good! It was me….in my underwear…looking hot! I know I have some fat in places, and Argentina didn’t have to remove ALL of what I thought my entire life to be ugly, because she made what I have beautiful.”

And life after boudoir?

“I have become confident in what I wear and how I wear it. I had 3 black dresses. They all looked the same (in my opinion). Now, one has a little deeper cut in the bust. One is just a little shorter and flirty. And I know that I have what it takes to play up those features. I am no longer tall and gawky and big. I have curves….and I will flaunt them. It has given me the confidence to go after what I really want in my life. It made me realize: I’m only 40! I still have so much ahead of me.”

Now it’s your turn.

The next transformation I see could be yours – how incredible would that be? All you need to do is complete your application to become an Art of Seduction model.

First up, if you haven’t already, fill in an application for a boudoir session and afterwards you can schedule your fun model’s interview with me to talk about why you want to become an Art of Seduction model.