I have faced life changes since I was 22 when I decided to move to America to go to grad school. After that, I continuously have faced many changes, from moving to different cities and countries, to getting married and divorced in three different occasions.

Every time, there was a deep feeling of anxiety, loss and emptiness, even if it was a change for the better. I though it would get better with time but it never did.

Now I have faced again a dramatic change in a very unexpected way that took me by surprise. The lease to my beautiful vintage studio was terminated and I had to suddenly find a new home for my boudoir photography that would allow me to keep delivering my signature photography.

After a 12 hour pity party and lots of wine, I got to work, put my big girl panties up and set on the quest of finding a new place.

As Captain Jack Sparrow said, “The problem is not the problem; the problems is your attitude about the problem”, I decided to see this as a new adventure and opportunity for growth, personally and as a business woman.

The best thing about change is that it is an opportunity to explore new possibilities and to get things your way. This unexpected event made me see that for some time I was feeling stressed of having such a big studio where I spent so little time due to all my travel. I saw it as a beautiful wasted space. I started to see it as a burden with all the cleaning needed every time I traveled to Chicago to do boudoir sessions. Not to mention the high rent and utilities cost to keep it running.

After I got a hold of the idea of a new change in my life, I started to see this as a blessing. I couldn’t conceive downsizing to a smaller and newer space so, the universe understood better my feelings and knew my goals for the futures so, it took care of it for me in one day.

The truth is, things always happen for a good reason, whether we like it or not. It is just a matter of time for us to see the real reason things happen and that cause us so much stress.

Here is a quote that I just love:

Life doesn’t happen to you

Life happens for you

When we understand this concept, we start to embrace and even love change. The reason why things “happen for us” is because of our own desires for the things that we want. The universe arranges itself in order to produce the same thing we desire. Sometimes it might be unpleasant and not exactly sugar coated, but at the end what matters is that the thing we want becomes true.

I remember one time when I was working as an engineer I was not happy at my position, I actually loathed going to work every day for over a year. I didn’t want to leave my job, just change positions but there was nothing available for me to move to. Guess what happened? I got in trouble and got suspended for two weeks while they were doing an investigation and decided how to terminate me. I really thought I was going to get fired, and thought, well; I wanted a change so there you go!

As it turns out I didn’t get fired but got transferred to a new project that I absolutely loved and stayed there until I voluntarily left my position and went full time as a boudoir photographer.

I wanted to share this story with you because I am sure that you have faced change in your life and might have felt helpless. You are not alone, we all have to go through change, and it is our attitude towards this change that will make us grow and become stronger or will defeat us and leave us behind.

I chose to embrace change and see this new studio as a new opportunity to evolve and perfect my boudoir photography style. I want to share the last images I created at my beloved 2250 W Grand Avenue studio and I can’t wait to show you the images created at the new home of Art of Seduction Boudoir, 721 S Western Avenue.

With all my love,