Are you frustrated because no matter what you do, you keep getting the same results?

In just 5 minutes you’ll discover what your upper limit is, how it’s harming your progress and what you do to achieve your goals

Have you ever found yourself wanting to achieve a goal or pursue a dream only to find yourself back where you started? 

I know I’ve been there. This was exactly the pattern I was in when I was trying to lose weight and take care of my body in a healthier and more loving way. 

I’d book personal training sessions, follow my workouts and meal plan and just when I started to lose weight…

BAM…I started eating all the foods that made me feel like crap. I stopped going to the gym and avoided my personal trainer’s messages. 

The reason this kept happening to me year after year, wasn’t that I didn’t have the right information or the right strategy or that I lacked accountability. 

And the problem definitely wasn’t that I didn’t “want” the goal bad enough. 

Discover what your upper limit is, how it’s harming your progress and what you can do to achieve your goals in under 5 minutes

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When we find ourselves stuck in a loop of making no progress or getting the same results, whether we’re focused on a weight loss, career or relationship goal, it means one thing…

We’ve hit a mental barrier

We all have them. These mental barriers stop us from where we want to go, from taking a leap or making a bold change in our lives.

And this particular kind of mental barrier has a special name….


It’s called our Upper Limit

It works similar to a thermostat. We set our house to be a certain temperature and when it reaches that temperature our thermostat tells the furnace to shut off.

Only for us, it means we sabotage ourselves just when we start to make progress and end up going back to where we started.

We do this because we believe we’re not good enough to achieve that goal or because we’re afraid of success or because we’re afraid we don’t have the capacity to be the best version of ourselves.

Often we make this decision unconsciously. 

I know that’s exactly what was happening when I was trying to loose weight and stick to my exercise goals. Until I understood what was happening, my unconscious belief was that no matter how much I weighed I would not be good enough to be loved and accepted by my family.

How to uncover your upper limit

I invite you to reflect back on your life. Think about what were the moments where you created the belief about yourself that is holding you back right now.

Once you’ve discovered what those beliefs are you can break the pattern by creating a new belief of yourself. Then once you’ve created the new belief you can put the belief into practice by taking action towards your goal.

If you notice yourself starting to self-sabotage you’ll have the awareness to know why you’re doing it and how you can better support yourself. 

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