Go from feeling “not good enough” to believing in yourself again 

Make the instant shift with this technique that every mature woman needs to try 

Feeling unworthy and insignificant is a heavy feeling too many women carry. 

I spent most of my life feeling that way and I’m guessing if you’re reading this you may be feeling this way too.

I want to tell you how it is possible to make the instant shift in your mind so that you can get back to feeling “good enough”.

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Before we dive into the technique, let’s talk about what feeling good enough, really means for women. 

When you’re anchored in feeling enough you have the assurance that it doesn’t matter what happens to you, what you do in life, that you belong. It’s the assurance that no matter what you deserve love, that you are capable of achieving your dreams and most of all that you are NOT deficient. 

It begins with self-acceptance and self-love

So how do we shift from feeling not good enough to feeling this self-acceptance and self-love?


When women are feeling that sense of lack and unworthiness it’s because they’re looking outside of themselves for validation. Whether they’re looking to other people – friends, their boss, their partner or romantic relationships to tell them that they’re enough. 

Or sometimes women look for circumstances outside of themselves that’ll affirm their enough-ness. They’ll say things to themselves like “when I pay off my debt I’ll finally feel enough” or “when I get married and have kids I’ll be content with myself” or “when I lose weight I’ll be able to love myself”.

I’ve been there myself. I grew up with many experiences of being shamed for the way my body looks. I longed for my family’s approval and wished my body looked like the ones I saw in magazines. I thought that if my family approved of me and my body was thinner and my skin was lighter then I’d finally feel happy, confident and ENOUGH.

But here’s the thing, as soon as whatever outside circumstance arrives or we get validation from the people we’re seeking it from, we’ll still be left feeling that lack.


No person or outside circumstance can fill that void.  

No amount of money or making changes to your appearance will soothe that ache. 

This is why we need to start from the inside out and root ourselves in the truth that no matter where you find yourself in life, no matter what you look like, no matter your financial situation, relationship/marital status…none of that defines who you are.

Your worthiness was never up for negotiation….because you were born worthy! 


Making the Shift 

That instant shift I promised? Well, that comes from changing your perception.

Have you ever stared at an autostereogram, you know those images that when you stare at it long enough it begins to look 3D and pops out from the page. That’s an example of a shift in perspective.

When you’re feeling not good enough or telling yourself a story in your mind of how you’re not good enough it’s a sign that you need a shift in perspective.

Here’s another example of a shift in perspective that helped me. When I came to America. I really thought I was very fat, and very inadequate. Then I started to notice how people here were so much taller than me and there were bodies larger than mine here and I actually started to feel petite and skinny.


Physically nothing changed, but my perception of myself changed. 

I invite you to think about a circumstance or something about yourself that’s causing you to have those thoughts of not feeling good enough

Next, shift your perspective. 

For example, if you have no money or you’re in debt and you’re telling yourself that you’re bad with money and you’ll never be wealthy and confident. 

Ask yourself “how can I think about this differently?” or “how would another person view my situation with compassion?”

You might consider how there are people working for just a few dollars a day in certain parts of the world. And notice how that shifts your perspective away from your lack into realizing your abundance and opportunity. 

And then shift your perspective again and remember that nothing outside of you defines your worthiness.


I really hope this tip really helps you change how you feel about yourself and helps you realize that you are worthy and deserving, just as you are.

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