How to kick off each month feeling confident

Are you someone that gets excited about fresh starts and new beginnings?
If you’re shaking your head yes, high five, you go girl! 

And if you’re shaking your head no, I may just convince you to change your mind.

The start of a new month is the PERFECT time to get clear, put some simple plans in motion and anchor into that feeling of confidence. It’s also the PERFECT time to check in on those new year’s goals/resolutions/vision board you created for yourself.

I’m going to walk you through THREE practices to help you start off a new month feeling confident. 

Practice #1 – Reflect to get confident and CLEAR 

Find a quiet space and give yourself 20-30 minutes to answer these questions…


  • What do I want to celebrate about 2021 so far? What went well this past month? 
  • In what ways have I grown or healed that I want to acknowledge myself for? 
  • What goals and habits do I want to go all-in on this month?
  • Of all the goals/habits I just listed which 1-2 are my top priority? 
  • What do I need to put in place to support myself in going all-in on those goals/habits?
  • What kind of woman do I need to BE to make those goals/habits a reality?

Finish by writing yourself an encouraging note to remind you of your confidence, capabilities and power. Keep this note somewhere you’ll see throughout your day as you’re working towards your goals.

Closeout your session by updating your calendar or to-do list with your new goals or areas of focus.

Want to make a change in your life…you’ll need these two “D” words 

Practice #2 – Decide Differently 

When it comes to overcoming a challenging chapter of our lives or working towards the vision we have for our life, we MUST decide…..that our future is not our past. 

It’s so easy to get caught up in the story that NOTHING will ever change. That because of our past, our future will never be different.


BUT creating a different future for yourself begins with DECIDING DIFFERENTLY.

Trust, that March 2021 can be different than March 2020 or March 2015..and then start acting from this place of trust.

Practice #3 – Get clear on your DESIRES 

What is it that you TRULY want? 

When was the last time you asked yourself this question and gave yourself the opportunity to sit with it for a while?

The more you ask yourself this question and give yourself permission to explore it, the more you’ll uncover about your TRUE desires.

What do you desire for yourself in 2021 and beyond?

And do those desires match up with the goals and priorities you have set? 

If not, make some tweaks so that the changes you’re creating in your life are born from …

#1 Your belief that your future can and will be different than your past


#2 Your true desires

Now you can move into this next month feeling confident and clear on what matters most to you AND with a simple plan of action that you can powerfully execute on!

Go get it girl!

Helping women transform the way they think and feel about themselves is my work and my life’s purpose and my own journey in learning to love my body + beauty inspired this creation.

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