Ladies: Discover what’s causing the guilt and how you can reframe your mindset on spending money on your self-care and persona development.

The #1 reason why women feel guilty when they spend money on themselves…

It’s because women view their self-care, indulgences, personal development or well-being as expenses. 

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We say things like “I can’t justify spending that much on myself”.

But here’s the thing, you’re NOT an expense. 

You’re actually your BEST investment. 

So the next time you catch yourself feeling guilty or about to use the “spend” word, swap it out for INVEST…. 

“I’m investing in my ________ (insert self-care, personal development or well-being)”

Hiring a personal trainer, nutritionist or going to get regular massages are an INVESTMENT in your well-being.

Boudoir Photography is an investment in your confidence and self-esteem.

When you redefine how you see these investments, you’re also redefining how you view your self-worth and your ability to receive and thrive.

Tell me in the comments below what’s ONE investment you’re EXCITED to make in yourself this year?

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