I am convinced that when women, the life giving creatures of humanity, define themselves on their own terms and not by standards or expectations society, cultural norms and other people have; when we let go of circumstantial created shame, reconnect with our bodies, our femininity, our worthiness, our purpose, this will be a better world.

In this book, I’m not fat, I’m delicious, I have combined my undeniably analytic engineering mind with my emotional soul of an artist to shine the light on the source of women’s biggest struggle and number one source of shame, body image.

I will share with you my personal story focusing on the events in my life where the determining factors on how they turned up became my beliefs about who I was. I also share very personal stories of women who have transformed their lives by transforming how they view themselves hoping that the reader might identify with some of the stories and feel inspired to transform her own.

The explanations that I give in the chapters of this book are the mechanisms of how our mind works, what makes us feel the way we do about ourselves and how by applying certain principles you can start your own journey of self discovery and transformation. All the work that I did in myself to understand my source of shame and poor self-esteem was with the help of amazing researchers and authors like Brené Brown, Gay Hendricks, Simon Sinek, Ronda Byrne, Wayne Dyer, Todd Herman and other self-help classics.

Thanks to these amazing authors, their research shared in their amazing books, I was able to find myself, transform my life and find my purpose in life. I used their teachings to write my own technical explanation of what is happening in our brains when we are feeling we are not beautiful enough, when we struggle to look in the mirror and love what we see, and what happens when we transform our thinking and awaken to the beautiful creatures we truly are.

Using their teachings, I created what I call “Liberation Tasks” to help you set in motion the change you are looking for. These liberation tasks are designed to explore your childhood to find the events that defined your life, establish the belief system that you have been living under, rewire your brain to think and see yourself differently and discover ways to “trick” your brain into feeling good about yourself.

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